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  • Assox13
    Assox13 created the resource 32x Andalucia in Resource/Texture packs.
    Any recommendations to this pack would be great - Dm me on discord on recommendations Assox13#6689 Edited/Changed Stuff: Swords...
  • dumzew
    dumzew replied to the thread Chillers EU.
    IGN:redflxx Age:13 Discord:defqult#0123 Past clans:Vision,Reliable,Gypsies more clans from 2016-2017 forgot them Nationality:Romanian...
  • dumzew
    dumzew replied to the thread Aponetus.
    IGN:redflxx AGE:13 Country:Romania Discord:defqult#0123 PastClans: Vision,Reliable,Gypsies
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    Good job!
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    Im not joking lol lmao hahahahaha
  • gaized
    I was a little bored so I decided to take on my own version of the Infinite Pack. I did all the diamond armor and tools by hand in...
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  • TheNeshq
    TheNeshq replied to the thread Aponetus.
    you lose
  • Murk
    Murk replied to the thread Aponetus.
    Imagine saying u beat us 5-0 just cause we kicked u from the clan :( feels bad
  • bonjwa
    bonjwa have been awarded with the medal Keep up the good work.
    • Keep up the good work
  • phreek
    phreek posted the thread Chillers EU in EU Clans.
    We are here to show our dominance, nothing can stop us. Interested in joining? Good luck. We are Chillers!'' --- Founder: phreek...
  • bonjwa
    bonjwa replied to the thread Sup.
    Hey, @TMIK69 thank you for notifying us of this bug. The developer team will deal with it as soon as possible, we ask of you to be as...
  • T
    TMIK69 posted the thread Sup in Bug Reports.
    There was a bug. if dm starts with 5 player( after waiting like 30mins) Only 4 players teleport to the middle. And anyone cant move or...
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    TMIK69 replied to the thread LOL.
  • TheNeshq
    TheNeshq posted the thread Aponetus in EU Clans.
    Welcome to Aponetus Founder:TheNeshq Founded:03/10/2019 APPLICATIONS IGN: AGE: Country: Discord: PastClans: Leader TheNeshq...