New member
Nov 16, 2018
Your username:Zenzy_
Platform where you were punished (Minecraft Server, Discord, Forums): Minecraft server
Staff member who punished you: I think the anticheat because there is no staff member mentioned in my ban, it just says permanent ban and the reason is hacking.
Date when you were punished:I guess the 17/11/2018
Explanation of your punishment (Why do you want to get unpunished)?:I was lagging so hard, this happened also on an other survival games server, i've never used cheats and in that moment i was also using the badlion client so there was no way to cheat. If you can unban me, that would be amazing cause I like sg, and this server is where I used to play more than on other servers.
Thank You for paying attention!
PS:like you said I used the templete, sorry i didn't know about that.