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May 29, 2020
Name of map: The Lost Zoo

Lead builder: Elavity and AlphaDanny

Game Type: Survival Games

Download link:
Description of map:
The Lost Zoo features an array of different and unique buildings, exhibits, and terrain. Part of this SG map was built with close quarter combat in mind. In parts of the map, buildings and exhibits are close together. In other parts large open fields and open sections were built with the PVP aspect in mind. Flat land with leaves and trees as cover will provide a fun pvp experience within The Lost Zoo. The Lost Zoo is built for fun, fast paced, and action packed matches of the Minecraft Survival Games!

In the heart of Minecraft’s vast world of creativity and imagination stood a zoo. People from all aspects of life gathered here to embrace the magnificent animals and all their glory, but soon enough that all came crashing down…
4 years after the grand opening of the park, large amounts of animal species began to rapidly become ill. After this new undiscovered disease (codename: 002T50L) began to grow exponentially, biological researchers and wildlife medics began to search for a cure. 002T50L killed off most animals, but in rare cases mutated the genes of species which then made the animals hostile and powerful. After 5 casualties of various personnel on the sight of the zoo, everyone began to evacuate and lawyers attempted to cover up the incident before it leaked to the public. The Zoo began to take on a new nature as gates began to rust, trees and bushes began to engulf the buildings, and weather and nature began to overgrow the park.
What stood 4 years ago as a marvelous symbol of wildlife has now ceased to exist, and instead became of symbol of terror and confusion. Welcome tributes, to The Lost Zoo.

- The maps radius is approximately 215 blocks. Somewhat small map for quick gameplay and intense PvP fights.
- There are over 200 Strategically placed chests on The Lost Zoo.
-There are secrets and traps implemented in the map.

Videos and Screenshots:






The corn is located at: x: 0 y: 67 z:0
There is a lot of old and classic sg maps playing on backplay, and I thought that server need some fresh maps.
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