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Oct 3, 2018
Hi, Im Nick!
I have been playing Minecraft since 2013!
But I stopped after 2016 because I was so busy with football and getting into shape!
I then went into the Call of Duty community as a social media designer!
If you would like to see my work and portfolio, click HERE
After I found out I was not able to play football this year due to my grades, I got really demotivated to do a lot of things. I quit the CoD community, and just gaming in general.

I started to hangout with my friends a lot and go to parties and just hang out when football season was over, but since summer football camp started, everyone has been busy, I still hangout a lot but just not as much.
All of this brought me to start play Fortnite and Minecraft again
Not just fortnite and MC, but just computer games in general
For example I play H1Z1, CSGO and a lot of other steam games as wel!

Here are a couple of facts about me!:
I am only 15 years old! I turn 16 next month!
I am from New Jersey, United States!
I am the tallest in my family! (6'3 ft)
I play as an Offensive and Defensive Lineman at my High school for football.
I got a full ride scholarship offer from Rutgers University, Ball State University and University of Georgia for football!
Once I realized that I couldn't play this year, my offers were upheld until I could show that I was still good and could play again!
In my free time I like to weight lift!
I can bench press 315 pounds, I can squat 505 pounds and I can dead-lift 480 pounds!

Well that's basically everything there is to know about me!
I'd love to hear more about you guys!
Leave some facts about you in the replies below!

Have a great day :)


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