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Dec 20, 2018


Before applying read carefully the requirements and follow the template that is provided below.

Welcome to Backplay's Official Build Team. In this thread, you will find information about Team Genesis and the requirements in order to be a member of the team. By applying for this position you agree on that this is a strictly voluntary job and you will not be awarded any materialistic goods. As part of the build team, you will have many responsibilities, not fulfilling them will result in removal from the team. You do not gain any special privileges, you are like any other player on our network. Being part of the Build Team does not make you a member of the Staff Team.

You are expected to follow all Backplay rules. Not obeying the rules may result in the removal from the team and possibly the server. Any misuse of your position in the build team is prohibited and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • You must have at least some understanding of the English language.
  • You must be at least 14 years old.
  • You must submit at least 1 project. Every project should contain at least 3-5 Screenshots from different angles.
  • You should not work as a Builder or in a Build Team at any other network.
  • The build(s) should be compatible with the 1.7 version of Minecraft Java.
  • You must have knowledge of World Edit/VoxelSniper and you must be comfortable using it.

In order to apply for the position in the Build Team, you need to fill in the template that is provided below, here.

Your name:
Your age:
Your nationality:
State your English Level:
Your Minecraft Username:
Your Discord name + tag:
Past experiences as a builder:
What are your strongest and weakest points in building (Terraforming, Interior and exterior design, etc...)?:
Provide Screenshots of your past projects:

I, [Username], am not going to abuse my position in any possible way or manner. If I do abuse in any way I am ready to accept the consequences (It may result in a removal from the team or even a Ban/Blacklist from the Network depending on the severity of my actions). Every build I participate in is the property of Backplay Network and will not be redistributed to other Networks without permission.

- Backplay's Build Team Leader and the Administration
The BackPlay Network Build Team Applications - 2020 | Do not redistribute
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