Investigating Some Suggestions :)


Pulsar Sponsor
Pulsar Sponsor
Mar 2, 2019
San Antonio, Texas
  1. SG and FFA Leaderboard command such as /lb
  2. FFA /stats command for yourself as well as other people
  3. FFA map cycle
  4. /ignore command cuz there are a lot of toxic people (sometimes can be me but hey, we all have our moments and we aren’t perfect lol)
  5. more color chat colors for donors
  6. glitch where someone lights a slab or something on fire, and it’s invisible and affects more than one block
  7. FFA after a 10 kill streak, slightly better armor such as diamond boots and as u get a better kill streak, you get better armor etc.
  8. /ping command for other players
  9. a Hub Parkour
  10. Solar Frost- part of map melts (snowballs all over the place) i would say the map is completely broken
  11. on Par 72, in parking garage, by double tier 2, blocks are missing and flowers items are all over the floor
  12. SG map percentage vote instead of map with most votes because it helps play the new maps and for all we know, we could be missing out on an awesome map cuz no one ever gives it a chance
  13. FFA events such as sumo etc.
i hope this helps and gives some ideas of what to do. thanks again staff and mods for listening to our suggestions! <3

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