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Jul 29, 2020
Your username: alohi

Platform where the feature should be added (Discord, ingame or forums): ingame

Description of your suggestion:

Split Survival Games into ranked and unranked play, and implement a ELO and Trust based matchmaking system
  • Replacing with a different ELO/other score typed system
    • Broader range of skills to be appreciated in stats, i.e. kdr, wins, damage done, damage taken, playtime, bow shots hit/missed, rods hit, who you’re playing with, etc.
    • Higher level games, players can play against stronger opponents
    • More detailed breakdown of how good a player is — don’t have to player forever to be considered ‘good’
  • Trust based matchmaking implementation
    • Must play x number of unranked matchmaking games before being allowed into ranked matchmaking, been on the server for x days, x playtime
    • Link your account to discord, forums, to have a ‘trusted’ account to play ranked
      • Only play against ‘trusted’ players? — don’t get fresh accounts cheating

Why do you want this feature to be added to our network?:

1) Competitive players want the best way to accurately measure their skill level against other players. The stats atm cater to people who have played longer, and not who is currently best. This can be mitigated by having seasonal, daily, etc. leaderboards. At that point, we then have to ask the question. Are all wins equal? The answer is no, they're not. Some games you may face better players, requiring more skills. Some games you might not have a full lobby. Some games, you may get really lucky with loot. Point is, the best representation of a player's Survival Games skill level is an ELO based system of gaining ELO and losing ELO because at the moment you do not loose any elo, so i’m suggesting having a causal elo that does not decrease and a ranked elo that does.

In ranked matchmaking, you would only have the opportunity to play against people of similar skill levels depending on the time you spent waiting, The Survival Games matchmaking plugin with algorithmically determine the most fair and even match. Some players of a lower skill level may be mixed in to 'test' them, and you would play against people of a similar skill level, allowing you to get better at the game and experience real challenges. Like how the MMC searching system works the elo you can go against gets broader the longer you spend waiting.

2) How does this help the casual players?

Most of the time, casual players don't want to get stomped by the so called "sweats" and they'd simply like to enjoy a game with any number of their friends. If you're playing as a duo/trio/greater, you're going to play in unranked matchmaking. Here, you'll play against other people who just want to play the game casually, as well as new players in a more friendly, less competitive environment. Maybe you're playing with a new friend, or in a different region. Point is, by separating the competitive and non competitive players it creates a less hostile and more, dare I say it, noob friendly environment for the casual players. (allow teaming in casual but not ranked)

I beleive all of this could attract more of the competitive community to the server as i’ve been playing for a few days, i have not come across many “intense” close fights and the players towards the top of the leaderboards are not the best they just play a lot.
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Map Maker
Map Maker
May 9, 2020
Actually that “trusted account” thing is a good idea. And also it can be given to players for voting on NameMC, also this will help server for getting more players and advertisement stuff. And that may prevent the people hacking with their free alt. accounts.
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