sg boosted !!!

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Sep 8, 2018
Your username: Skyfall
Platform where you were punished (Minecraft Server, Discord, Forums): Minecraft server
Staff member who punished you: Nyw
Date when you were punished: 08/09/2018
Explanation of your punishment (Why do you want to get unpunished)?: Because i think that it's unfair and that the sr. mod (Nyw) is abusing of his power just because he's #3 in the sg and i'm #1

and in this video is blatant the he got boosted ( in the final dm the guy was without armor)
I wonder why :rolleyes::eek::unsure:

and also i think that he should be removed from the staff because he's not professional and i've asked him many times to talk for show him that i didn't get boosted i was just playing some sg with my friend and we were recording ( he was just fighting me in the dm)
Not open for further replies.