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Apr 3, 2020
United Kingdom
I would like to get multiple peoples opinions on this so posting it on the forums.

I often find myself on backplay wanting to chill out from the pvp but still be on the server at the same time so I came up with the idea of adding some small parkour courses to enjoy while players relax.

How would it work?

Theres would be 4 difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane.
Each difficulty will have maybe 10 courses each to start with and more as players submit their maps which would be submitted on the forums and either accepted or rejected.
To join each difficulty there would be 4 NPC's and you simply right click and there will be a menu pop up with the courses to select. Selecting the course would teleport you to the chosen map and
upon completion you will be sent back to the parkour lobby to choose another map to play or go play something else.
Once a map would be completed the course could be replayed for fun or could have a timed version where players could try beat their best time and the best time on the entire server. Another
thing when a course is complete the map in the pop up menu would be enchanted to show the map has been complete.

Why should this be added?

As I said above I often find myself and heard from other players that they don't want to go on another server but they don't want to PvP so I think it would be a fun way to pass time and still enjoy
playing backplay and talking to their friends in chat.

Not only this I personally think that this would be a great new way to bring in many new players as I know a lot of people do enjoy doing parkour including myself. I have brought this idea up with a few
of my friends and people that I don't even talk to so I could get their opinion and all have said this would be a brilliant idea and think it would also benefit the server.

A lot of the time I also find players being toxic and getting frustrated at SG which could lead to them rage quitting off the server, However if they had the option to de stress and enjoy some parkour
they would remain on the server and return to SG once they have calmed down.

This server has a brilliant build team and I am more than happy to participate in helping to build the parkour lobby and courses so I'm sure this could be done with no issue.

Thank you for your time this is still in development in my head as of now but I hope you liked the idea and look forward to hearing back.



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Jan 27, 2020
I think this is a really good idea to keep people busy and add new players to the server.

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