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May 19, 2020
Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the official forum post for BackPlay's

Rap Battles!


What is BackPlay's rap battles?

BackPlay's rap battles is an event where groups of 2-4 people from the community come together and create "diss tracks" or "roasts" of other other members of the community and the server. It is a a wonderful event to poke some fun at the community and have some good laughs! All roasts are light hearted and comical, and are not meant to be disrespectful or offensive in any way. If you can't handle a little bit of a violation, double check to see if attending this event is right for you! Either way, everyone is welcome to take part in this fire rap battle.

Structure of the Rap Battles

The Rap Battles will consist of three rounds. Each round requires a collaborative effort with your group to create lines for your diss track. Each team will perform before moving onto the next round.

The First Round: Teams will create a diss track about other members of the server. You may include lines for specific people to directly roast your friends or enemies! This does not have to be restricted to others who are performing, it can include anyone and everyone who plays on the BackPlay network.

The Second Round: This round teams will have the opportunity to create a diss track on the server and BackPlay network in general. Remember to remain respectful of BackPlay during this round, but feel to free roast anything else you want within good taste.

The Third Round: This will be the ultimate quick fire round! You will have the chance to make an on the spot rebuttal or roast of the other groups that performed. Roast their previous raps and performance in a final chance to determine yourself as the victorious rap group. You may also prepare a few lines ahead of time that are directly targeted for the other groups/performers.

As for judging the rap battle, to avoid favoritism from the audience and the potential of rigging the votes, there will be a set of judges. They will be unbiased members of the BackPlay Events Staff team. They will help moderate the event alongside vote for which group had the best performance.

Groups of the Upcoming Rap Battle

Click the spoiler to see the assigned groups/teams for the upcoming rap battle!


Group 1: Lurkz, Seddy, Foreign, Link
Group 2: Benjaz and Sunflxwerz
Group 3: ASOLO and Rizó
Group 4:
Where is the event located?

The event is located on the official BackPlay discord server. You can join this server for all communications regarding the BackPlay Network as well as to interact with your fellow community members. The link is: http://discord.gg/backplay.

How can I participate in the event?

You may participate in the event by filling in the google form. Here you agree to the rules of participating and share who you would like to be in a group with. The google form is: https://forms.gle/zobz3WUQcvnbMcYJA.

General Rules

The rules for the event are:

  1. Do not harass any performers, audience members, or BackPlay staff (inappropriate comments, weird comments, creepy comments, etc.).
  2. Do not use any discriminatory words in any form! No racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. comments. These will NOT be tolerated and you will be instantly disqualified and not allowed back into the event.
  3. No screaming in the microphone, blowing in the microphone, or ear raping the audience. You will be given one warning and if it persists then you will also be disqualified from the event.
  4. Please be nice to your team members. If you get into an argument please remember you are all here to have fun.
  5. Keep in mind that all roasts are just friendly and light hearted. They are not meant to be aggressive, offensive, or disrespectful to anyone.
  6. No talking over people.
  7. Find a beat on Youtube to rap on top of. Please DM this to spxrkling BEFORE the event.
  8. No longer than 4 minutes per performance.
All other BackPlay Network and Discord rules also apply! If you break any of these rules then consequences will be pursued.

Last but not least, have fun and enjoy roasting one another!

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