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May 19, 2020
Hey guys! A few of us have decided to host an open mic night for the BackPlay community, and we would love for you guys to come and perform or show some support! This event will today, September 5th, at 8:00 PM GMT (use a timezone converter to find your time) and the winner will be determined by the hosts.

How it works: Each participant will sign up for a solo or group performance prior to the start time. If someone decides they want to perform once the show has begun, they need to submit a write-in to one of the hosts. The write-in will be granted based on whether or not there is time remaining once the initial acts have been performed.

Performance ideas: Singing/rapping, playing an instrument, acting out a scene, stand-up comedy, slam poetry, etc!

Rules: All Backplay rules apply as well as,
1. Be respectful to everyone on the discord server.
2. No yelling, griefing or screaming into your microphone. Please stick to only performing!
3. Do not leak any personal information.
4. Please do not do any personal attacks on anyone else. No excessive trash talking or diminishing of others. Remain respectful at all times.
6. Have an absolutely melodic time!

If you are interested in taking part reply to this thread telling me you are and I will add you to the list. Please specify if you intend on performing a solo act or a group act.

Special thanks to spxrkling, Fatz, Artz and Reayze for suggesting and starting this up!
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