Guide Obtaining Waiting & Attitude during Interview

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Jan 4, 2019
Obtaining Waiting & Attitude During Interview

Hello and welcome to a guide on how to Obtain Waiting as well as how you should act during your Interview.
This guide is for those who have just been accepted into the interviewing stage of their Moderator Application, so first of all,
congratulations for making it this far!​

Obtaining the Waiting Role

Once your written application has gotten accepted, you'll have the following reply:


From here, make sure you privately message a Sr Moderator asking for your waiting rank including the link of your application. If you notice that you can't see any Sr Moderators online, feel free to message one of the Moderators with your application and they'll forward it on to a Sr Staff Member.

After you have received your Waiting Role, you'll notice a Waiting text chat within the discord, here just make sure to let the staff know the times that you'll be available therefore the Staff can organize interviews ahead of time.


  • Try to help out as much as you can. Helping players on the discord or the server allows the Staff to see that you're capable and dedicated to help the community.
  • Stay Active. Being active on our discord will provide you a greater opportunity to participate in an interview.
  • Always remain respectful to all players on the network.
  • Please be patient. There could be a lot of players waiting for their interview, so remain patient as you may not have your interview straight away.

  • Don't boast about your Waiting Role. Having the Waiting Role, by no means gives you the privilege to show it off to other members.
  • Don't act unprofessional. Any rude or immature remarks in the discord channels or in game can result in you losing your Waiting Role.
  • Don't ask for interviews, the interview will take place once the Sr Moderators are available to hold the interview.
  • Don't disrespect the other players that have the Waiting Role. All players that have acquired the waiting Role conveys that they are more than capable to do as good as a job as you.
Attitude during the Interview

What your attitude SHOULD be like

  • Be honest. It’s best to be honest up front rather than to lie and be caught. Honesty is a key quality the Senior Staff look for when interviewing.
  • Explain to us. Try to explain your points to us therefore we have a better understanding of how you'd handle your situations.
  • Remain Calm. Remember this interview is held by friendly staff that have once been in the same position you have!
  • Advertise yourself, present to the Senior Staff that you're capable and that you deserve the position.
  • Be confident! If you're not confident that you'll be a perfect fit within the Staff Team then what's the point?
What your attitude SHOULD NOT be like

  • Lie during your interview. Whether it’s about your age or experience, it will come to light eventually. Lying during your interview will get your rejected or if you are accepted and we find out, demoted.
  • Give short, undetailed answers. We want to see that you are knowledgeable and eager to explain why you are qualified for the position, a short answer may not give us enough information to determine if you’re the best candidate.
  • Trash talk the staff team. The staff all volunteer their free time whenever they can to make the community better, trying to make yourself seem better than the other Staff members will convey a bad impression.
  • Overconfident. Being confident is very useful whilst being in an interview but remember, being overconfident could be the downside to your interview.
Overall, just be yourself during your interview. While being professional is a good thing, we'd also love to get to know the person we're welcoming into our team. We look forward to meeting you and hopefully adding you to our team. Good luck!



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