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Mar 18, 2019
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What's up guys!

I am here to bless all of you with some godly music

You should also do the same!! Just reply with your favorite song, and maybe tell us why!

This is a great opportunity to let people know your favorite types of music and for others to get a chance to listen to some new tunes!

Here... I'll start.

Personally, my favorite artist at the moment is Witt Lowry. ( As you can tell by my signature)

Here is a little bit to know about Witt.
1. He is an independent artist, he is not apart of a label and doesn't plan on being part of one. He does tours, releases great music and sells merch all on his own! And is doing pretty good!
2 . He puts a lot of work into his music. He doesn't release a song every week or every other week. He releases an album between ever 1-2 years, yes that is annoying sometimes, but ones it finally releases, its a blessing.

Some of my favorite songs by him are
Piece of Mind 3, Piece of Mind 4, Numb, HURT, and Blood in The Water
(click on the name of the song if you want to take a listen!)

Now drop some of the names of your favorite songs or favorite artists so others can take a listen!

Have a great dayy!!!

Not open for further replies.

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