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Dec 25, 2018
United Kingdom
This is not aimed at most mods but only some just so you know I have no problem and actually get on really well with a lot of the staff.

But seriously to those who I'm not talking about what is your problem with me like I really wanna know. I put a post and the forum and you lock it straight away even though I'm doing no harm whatsoever. That is just one thing.

You won't unban me from the discord server for fuck knows why. You can't even give me an explanation and that's because I haven't done anything to deserve a permanent ip ban. Like if you want to ban me then that's chill if i was handing out death threats but like come on as if I would do that...

As for the server I mean to this day not one person has had the good grace to at least let me know why I was banned. I mean what do you have against me so much like I swear. My friend puts a montage I was making in your discord and you see the need to remove it. Like seriously what harm is a fucking minecraft sg montage doing to your precious server.

I am so amazed that you have such a problem with me like omg. I just put up with it cause wtf can i do realistically. But locking a thread about a clan that I haven't even mad like...
I'm just amazed honestly but please do answer me why do some of you hate me so much cause I really am wondering at this point.


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Aug 12, 2018
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Hi @Permits

I invite you to contact me via Discord Ignacio#0581 so we can talk about your actual situation and maybe try to find a good solution!

I will now proceed to close the post.

Have a nice day,

BackPlay Staff Team
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