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Dec 20, 2017
Moderator Application

Before making an application, please read and check if you meet all the requirements
and follow the template that's provided below.

If you don't meet all the requirements it will result in an instant decline from the Senior Staff!

  • You must be 15 years old to apply. (If we find out you lied in your application it may cause in an immediate decline)
  • Make sure to shoot for between 1000-1500 words.
  • Don't write multiple applications. (Please don't write multiple applications, we check them on a regular basis)
  • Don’t ask staff members to check your application. (Be patient after writing your application and don't message staff to review your application)
  • Own a working microphone
  • Have a recording software
  • The title of the application must be: Username - Moderator Application

Make sure to read this guide before applying



Your name:

Your Minecraft Username:

Do you have any other Alt accounts? (If so name them):

Your age:

Where are you from and what is your timezone?:

Can you provide your discord tag?:

Do you own a decent quality microphone?:

Do you have the ability to record a video in HD quality?:

Do you speak English fluently or a reasonable amount?:

Do you speak any other languages and at what degree?:

Were you previously punished on our servers? (If so, explain. If you have had a successful ban dispute, please provide a link):

Do you have any past administration or moderation experiences, if so please explain? (Possibly provide us with SS):

Why do you want to acquire the rank?:

Why do you believe you are qualified to be a moderator? (Name at least 3 things):

In what ways would your presence benefit our staff team? (Name at least 3 things):

How would you punish players for breaking the rules? (Add examples):

Are you currently staff on another Minecraft server? (Possibly provide us with SS):

How much time a week are you willing to donate to help moderate our forum, discord and on our server?:

I, [Username], am not going to abuse my rank in any possible way or manner. If I do abuse in any way I am ready to accept the consequences (It may result in a Demotion or even a Ban/Blacklist)
Copy the template and post it HERE.

Credits: @bonjwa @Assox13 @ogisa
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