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Mar 30, 2019

BackPlay network is a server played by hundreds of players from different locations everyday. Our server allows people to enjoy the game and have fun with their friends. It also is a great place to practice your pvp skills or try to reach the top of the leaderboards in Survival Games. Having a lot of players means that we also need to have moderators that control the gameplay, which is why we give the possibility to people to apply for this position.

The moderator application process on the BackPlay network is quite an interesting one. It splits up mainly into two blocks: written stage and interview stage. Both, as you can imagine, are mandatory.

The written stage is where the candidate posts their moderator application which answers the questions of the provided template. Rule number one, do ALWAYS use that template! After that, it will either be declined or pushed to the pending stage by one senior staff member. Should it reach the pending one, multiple senior staff are going to analyze the application in depth and attempt to reach the final verdict as to whether or not the candidate deserves to reach the interview stage.

That being said, if you find yourself struggling with your application, constantly getting declined, or simply if you don’t have much idea of what your application should look like and contain, this guide might be very useful to you!


Are the moderator applications opened at this moment?
. You’ll be able to find updates on the mod app status on our Discord server announcements.

What are the available positions?
You may only apply for the moderator position, whenever the applications are opened.

But can I apply for admin or senior mod?
I am afraid it’s not possible. Those positions can be achieved by hard working staff members in not so often situations. You must prove through your moderator duties that you deserve to be promoted on the staff ranking ladder.

What do you look for in the applications?
Your application, in order to be considered, must reflect the skillset needed to hold the moderator position. It also has to show us that you have personality and are dedicated to whatever you do. Trustworthiness, goal pursuit and past experience will be a good plus.

How long does it usually take for an application to be checked?
Normally, your application should be checked within 3-5 (a few) days after submission, at most. However, this can vary. Please remember at all times that the senior staff team has a lot of duties and other responsibilities to fulfill, apart from their real life matters. What’s more, there are cases when they receive a bunch of apps a day, so beware of that!

Does it matter if I keep getting denied?
Not necessarily. You are free to apply as many times as it’s possible as long as you have the permission to do so. Should you struggle passing to the next stage, we advise you to re-evaluate your application, consider a new approach and other expression methods, perhaps?

Can I use the same application to reapply?
Yes, however, if you were told that your application lacks detail or any other structural reason whatsoever, make sure you follow those indications and correct your application before reapplying.

What if I was punished in the past?
Depending on the reason, it may affect your chances of getting accepted. Or, perhaps, not. If such case is presented to the senior staff team, it will be thoroughly investigated and you will find out shortly whether it has been decided to let you advance in the application process or not.

Can I still play games as a moderator?
Yes, of course. However, your top priority, according to the Staff Policy, is going to be moderating, when on duty.

Where can I post the application?
Click HERE.

What are the chances I get accepted?
It depends on the quality of the application, the applicant’s skillset described in the post, and a bunch of other things mentioned throughout the guide.

Having covered that, we shall now proceed to analyze the requirements. According to the official moderator application template, these are the following:
  • 15 years old minimum age. BackPlay administration has decided that this age is the most appropriate for what it takes to be a moderator due to the responsibilities staff hold and the tasks they get involved in. Please do not lie about your age, we have ways to find it out and should it happen, you will get instantly declined.
  • Advisable amount of 1000-1500 words. This requirement has been adopted to the current template (which we will analyze below) and it is what it is because the senior staff team is looking for as much detail as possible. This amount of words will technically allow the candidate to show everything that is being looked for in them.
  • Only one application per process. This means that you cannot post over one application if there’s currently one being checked. Whether it hasn’t been reviewed at all, or is on pending or interview stage, you are not allowed to post multiple applications at the same time. However, if you have been denied, the senior staff will let you know if you’re allowed to reapply and if so, in how long.
  • Do not bug staff to review your application. This is a very important one! Asking any staff member to review yours can lead to an immediate rejection of your candidacy. Please beware!
  • Thread title: <Username> - Moderator Application. The applications team likes when the app is clean and well presented. This will also be covered below.
There are also some requirements that you should bear in mind. Here’s a list of some of those:
  • Have no active punishments on any of the platforms.
  • Possess a working microphone and a recording software.
  • Have a spare amount of free time to dedicate to the Network.
  • Speak English at a fluent level.

Next up, we’re going to cover the tips you should bear in mind when making your application.

Make sure it’s well presented
Try to avoid using too many colors. Use the standard ones in order to make it easy for us to read and understand it.

Do not use a lot of smiles and other emojis. Remember that the moderator position and its application is a serious process, so try to be professional and focused on the task. Also, it just makes your application look messier and disorganized… And we don’t want that.

Try leaving a blank space between each question. Perhaps you could also format each question in bold and the answer in regular font.

Check for any spelling or grammar mistakes. It is okay if you commit a few mistakes you don’t notice, everyone can do that, however, if you are found having grammar mistakes throughout the whole application, it may reduce the chances of your candidacy being considered as we are looking for applicants that can communicate and express themselves well with our players.

Respond with detail. Do not go off-topic
We are not asking you to give us a lot of personal information about you. In fact, you are free to keep it to yourself if you wish to do so.

Also, as explained many times before, we want you to respond to questions in detail, when possible, and show us everything you believe is necessary for you to progress and potentially get accepted.

Avoid talking about stuff we don’t ask you for. Make sure each question has an appropriate and a corresponding answer. Even though your application does require a lot of words, try reaching that count without telling us a story that you feel shouldn’t be in there.

Simply remember that you are applying for the moderator role on our server, thus we are logically expecting you to give us answers related to the subject.

Be yourself
This tip has a big sense behind it. First of all, we are looking for originality. We want you to be honest with us when answering the questions. We also want to see something different in you from the other candidates; maybe experience, the languages you speak, or simply the way you express yourself. All in all, don’t come up with forced answers that do not represent you. Remember that your application should reflect you.

Furthermore, this tip is also used like a rule: your application must be unique. This means that you cannot be using applications of other people, neither asking someone to help or make you one directly. This can get you in big trouble!

Miscellaneous suggestions and tricks to succeed

  • Revise a couple of times your application before submitting.
  • Ask a staff member if you have any questions regarding the application, the process, the staffing position, etc.
  • Know the rules before applying.
  • Be active and show interest in this server.
  • Be a good example to others.
  • Participate in different community events and build bonds with others.
Lastly, remember to AVOID doing some things
  • Ask to review your app.
  • Skip some questions or leave them blank.
  • Harass staff in case you don’t succeed.
  • Let others help you write the application.
  • Lie in your application about anything, from your age to your previous punishments and alt. accounts.


Now that we’ve given you some awesome tips and tricks that may definitely help you out, let’s have a look at the current application format and analyze what each question means.

Your name:
Your Minecraft Username:
Do you have any other Alt accounts? (If so name them):
Your age:
Where are you from and what is your timezone?:

Can you provide your discord tag?:

This first bundle of questions can be considered as introductory. Herein, we simply want to know a little bit about you and find out what your usernames are, if you meet some basic requirements, etc. Answering these questions is imperative.

Do you own a decent quality microphone?:
Do you have the ability to record a video in HD quality?:
Do you speak English fluently or a reasonable amount?:
Do you speak any other languages and at what degree?:
Were you previously punished on our servers?:

Do you have any past administration or moderation experiences, if so please explain? (Possibly provide us with SS):

This second tier of questions is where we are starting to verify that you meet most of the candidate requirements we have established. Answer with honesty and don’t be scared to do so. You are welcome to provide a lot of detail, where possible. Remember the tips! This is also a great chance to highlight yourself from the other candidates.

Why do you want to acquire the rank?:
Why do you believe you are qualified to be a moderator?:
In what ways would your presence benefit our staff team?:

How would you punish players for breaking the rules?:

This is a great opportunity for you to both show your true self and be creative! Try answering these questions with a lot of detail and remember, we want honesty. Attempt to tell us honestly why are you interested in being a moderator and what has inspired you to apply. Convince us that you should be selected for this position and why. Describe us the way you would issue punishments (doesn’t necessarily have to match our server’s punishment guidelines), and what could you bring to the staff team being a member of it (perhaps you may connect some areas you’re experienced in with your answer).

Are you currently staff on another Minecraft server?:
How much time a week are you willing to donate to help moderate our forum, discord and on our server?:

These questions, as you may have realized, close the application template and are here in order for us to have an idea of what your activity, in case your candidacy is considered, would look like and what to expect from you.

I, [Username], am not going to abuse my rank in any possible way or manner. If I do abuse in any way I am ready to accept the consequences (It may result in a Demotion or even a Ban/Blacklist).

This agreement must be read, understood, and signed. Please bear in mind what it tells you!

That being said, I believe this is it for this guide! We do really hope that it was useful and you managed to find answers to some of your queries. You can now be confident that your application is definitely going to be worth it! Give it a try if you’d like, and remember to bear in mind everything you learned here.

For any questions, feel free to contact a staff member. We are always at your disposal willing to help you anytime. Thank you for your interest and best of luck should you apply!
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