MERTAH - False banned

Jan 11, 2019
Your username: MERTAH
Platform where you were punished (Minecraft Server, Discord, Forums): Minecraft server
Staff member who punished you: Jxrdxn
Date when you were punished: 11/1/2019
Explanation of your punishment (Why do you want to get unpunished)?: I haven't played minecraft for 2 years and my friend told me there is good survival games server that we can play on. I downloaded minecraft and installed iSparkton's mod pack(which i think does not have cheats in it). We were playing 2 hours and I killed Jxrdxn (moderator who banned me) 2-3 times and i typed him "big gg" 2 times because he was running for too long. The game that got me banned i was without fishing rod in deathmatch and i took a good combo to a guy that i dont know the name. So after i won that game i instantly got banned for "hacking" without any evidence, and also my friend got banned for stats boosting while he wasn't boosting, we were just playing together in a team.