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Aug 26, 2019
[Official Mafr SG Clanwar Rules]


This Survival Games rules are wirtten & created by Mafr
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- [LEGEND] -

Clanpage = Thread in the BackPlay forum in the Clans area, which every clan must have to play Clanwars.

DQ = Disqualification

Evidence = proof [evidence that must be present in order to demand a redo or DQ]

Forfeit = If the opposing clan gives up or the clan is closed or inactive, a Forfeit is entered instead of a win or a DQ.

Grace Period = Protection Period [In this time, the members of both clans are not allowed to attack.]

Lineup = Lineup [Players who play together as a team in one round of the Clanwars.]

Member = member of a clan.

over = The word that has to be written in the (party) chat when the grace period is over and before the two clans are allowed to attack.

Pending = Pausing the clanwar [Amount of time the clanwar has paused]

randomteaming = Teaming with a player who does not belong to either clan.

Redo = repetition [To do a repetition you need a reason. All about Redos: see below]

Roster = List of all accounts of members of a clan on the clanpage.

Secondaries = Secondary Weapons [Rod, Cobwebs, TnT, Fns]

Spectator = spectators

undercoverplaying = When friends or members of a clan who are not in the lineup are in the same round and support the clan.

Warmup = The time from going into a round until the start of the round.

Before a clan war can begin, the following must be noted:

- The clan asked after the clanwar decides to use the clanwar rules of his choice.

Both clans have to accept the rules.

- The grace period ends after 3 minutes when the scoreboard countdown is 26 minutes.

- The use of secondaries and the activation of traps, levers and buttons during the grace period to the detriment of the opponent's clan is prohibited.

- The <BackPlay Server> and clanwar rules must be respected and accepted.

- Hacking clients, macros and other unfair advantages are strictly prohibited.

- Every clanwar needs to be hosted on the BackPlay server.

- Any ambiguity or problems must be discussed through Discord, Forum, Teamspeak.

By launching the clanwars both clans automatically agree with the rules.

- All rules can be changed if both clans agree.

- The lineup must be written before the start of each round - even if the lineup stays the same. Write it either in Discord, TS, or chat.

- A clanwar is always executed in a lineup of 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 or 5vs5. The lineup size may not be changed during the clan, except as agreed between both clans.

- All accounts with which Clanwar is played have to be in the roster.

Both clans should know each other from the other clan, who plays with which account. The roster must not be changed during the clanwars.

- The clanwar is not over until one of the two clans has 5 wins / points.

To score a point, the round must be won by a member. The clan whose roster this member belongs to receives the point.

- During the clanwar, each clan is allowed to refuse a maximum of one map, without having to give a justification. This may not be played during the entire clanwars from the time of refusal.

- If you leave the lobby or the warmup, you have to explain to the other clan why. If a member crashes his game, you have to provide proof.

- There is no limit to the number of Spectators, but if the enemy has no room left for their Spectator, one of the other Spectators must leap for him to make room.

- The requested clan has as the first Mapwahl.

With each point, the clans have to alternate with the Mapwahl. [No change in a redo.] The map choice must be submitted to the opponent clan, if the clan, who currently has the Mapwahl, does not manage within 15 minutes for a map to decide and play this.

The party line must always be handed over to the clan who has Mapwahl.

- All clanwars must be entered on the clanpages and the result accepted. If this is not done, you can turn to a <forum moderator> with appropriate evidence.

- Never blame the opponent clan without evidence to validate your message.

Once the clanwar has started, the following rules must still be adhered to:

- Only after the end of the agreed grace period, the fight between the two clans begins. If a clan kills an enemy member before the guard time is over, the other clan will receive a round win / point. When the guard time is over, a player of the two clans must announce that the Grace is "over" by writing it in the chat.

- Teaming with a player who does not belong to either clan or randomteaming is strictly prohibited.

- Chat must not create hate and flame. Provocations [ua. eZ, L, ...] of any kind are prohibited.

You must not be disrespectful of the other clan (Discord / In-game) and try best not to be provocative. Nobody wants to play against clans who are not mature enough for a clan war.

- Before the next round begins, both clans must agree with the result of the last round. It is best to give both clans after each round the result in the chat (Discord / TS / IG). The result of the last rounds after the start of a new round can not be changed except by agreement and agreement of both clans.

- The round must be won by a clan member. It is not enough if the clan lives last. [If there is no winner in a round that offsets deathmatch, or a player who is not from either clan wins, a redo is made.]

- Bugusing is allowed, provided the server rules are respected.

- If you can prove that the opponent's clan can be killed to force a redo, the round is considered normal.

- [REDOS] -
When a redo can be made:

- Every repetition needs a clear proof of the offense. Only chat logs, lightshots [screenshots] and video recordings [with sound] are valid evidence. Depending on the offense, only certain evidence applies.

- The active use of secondaries and the triggering of traps, levers and buttons before the end of the grace period to the detriment of the opponent's clan leads to a redo.

- If a member of your clan is killed by a random player before Grace's end, the game continues [Except for 2v2]. A redo is performed when 50% [or more] members of a clan die before the end of the guard period. It is forbidden to be killed to force a redo.

- If a member's connection breaks, evidence is required. If this is sufficiently available, a redo is made. If the same player is bummed a second time, despite enough evidence, no redo will be made.

In this case, the sufficient evidence is exclusively the AV recording of the player, which is cleared.

- Ghostkilling leads to a redo.

- If one of the Clanmember dies by a hacker, an evidence is needed to prove that he is hacking. Then it can be decided whether the round is played again. The same applies to bugs, glitches and NCP errors. It does not matter if the grace period is over or not.

- Gracecampen is prohibited and leads to a redo. This means pursuing an enemy member until the Grace is over and then killing him is prohibited.

- As soon as a member of austimed / MC crashed / o., The clan must specify before the next fight, whether the round is to be scored or a redo follows, so that the clan, whose member has died, the redo not from win or lots makes dependent. If a redo is required, appropriate evidence is required from the member who has cleaned up or similar. is. If this rule is disregarded, the opponent clan decides the validity of the round.

- Before the start of each round, the opponent clan must be taught the current lineup in MC / Discord / TS. If a clan forgets that, the opponent clan can insist on a redo. Before the fight between the two clans, it must be clear whether or not the round applies to the [non] written lineup. After the fight between the clans or at the end of the round, it is no longer possible to insist on a redo if a lineup has not been mediated in order not to make the redo dependent on the win or lots of the round.

- If a member of the opposing clan who is not in the lineup is in the round, a redo is made.

- A redo is made if, before the end of the grace period, the following game play has been influenced by a member of the opponent's clan.

- A replay must be played on the same map except by mutual agreement and agreement of both clans. The lineup should remain the same, but under certain circumstances and agreement can also be changed.

- A replay is made if no "over" was written after the Grace period ended, but the opponent clan was attacked. "Over" must be written in [Party] Chat.

- A repetition is made if the opposing clan breaks a rule and valid evidence exists.

If you want to make a pending, you have to consider the following:

- You can only move / pause the clanwar if you have a reasonable reason to do so.

- Do your best to finish the clanwar within a week.

- If you decide to sign a Forfeit against the other clan, as they have delayed the clanwar too long, you have to prove that they have ignored you for at least a week.

- Events that are illegal have no effect on the clanwar during a pendulum.

- During a pendulum the roster may be changed.

- Each clan is able to demand pending once, then it can lead to a disqualification.

The following rules apply to a disqualification:

- Every disqualification needs a clear proof of the offense. [Valid Evidence: Only Chatlogs, Lightshots [Screenshots] and Video Recordings [with Sound] are valid evidence.]

- A disqualification is made if the opposing clan gives up, leaves the server / party unannounced or breaks off contact.

- A disqualification is made if a <server rule> or a clan war rule is disregarded.

- A disqualification can be made if the opponent clan does not respond to an attempted contact for one week during a pendulum.

- A disqualification is made if members of the opponent clan with unknown accounts are in the same round. The help of other players may not be accepted.

Undercoverplaying is strictly prohibited.

But there must be clear evidence, statements alone are not enough.

- A disqualification action can be taken if players of the opponent clan were influenced more than once before the end of the Grace Period later in the game. [see above]

- A disqualification action will be taken if the opponent clan does not respond after an agreed deadline of less than an hour from this deadline.

- A Disqualifaction is made when a member of the opposing clan hacks and it can be clearly documented with sufficient evidence.

- Other reasons for a disqualification are:

- Strong Insults During The Clanwars [Discord / Teamspeak / Ingame / etc]

- Being bold and provocative to the other clan

- Use of banneable modifications

- The exploitation of bugs or glitches that are not bannable, is allowed and no reason for disqualification.

- Be flexible and not so jammed, or focused on a DQ and let pass mistakes of the opponent clan sometimes. Especially if the opponent clan is still inexperienced


After the clanwar the following should be considered: - The result of the clanwars must be entered correctly. - Hate, Flame, etc. is not necessary and should be avoided. - Stay nice and fair if you won or lost.


Play fair, be respectful of the other clan and stick to the rules. Nobody wants to make a clan war against players who are not mature enough.

I hope you enjoy the Survival Games clanwar rules and that in the future, clanwars will be fair and, above all, successful using these rules

If you notice mistakes or something similar, you are welcome to contact me they are being improved. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me report @Mafr making a conversation starts. Have fun, luck and success with your clanwars!

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