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May 25, 2019
i have a pretty small list of suggestions that i feel like a lot of MCSG people would appreciate, and probably enhance the SG experience in general

- Shuffle vote
pretty self explanatory. (most of these will be) pretty sure you're already doing this anyways, but hey might as well add it! donors have way too much power, and consisintely come into lobbies only to vote for the worst map purposley

- 4 Player DM
lobbies are already like 12-13 players most of the time, and there's like almost a 90% chance you're going to run into a team if you make it into DM, i'd say by making DM 4 players you're going to make bigger maps take less time (good thing, btw, not trying to play moonbase 9 or tsg 2 for 20 mins cause there is only 8 players all on different spots of the map), and you're also going to get less people complaining about the teaming on the server, as if there is a team left you can team with a random to take them on, + i think this server needs a littttttle bit more of it's own identity, and with that, leading into the next point:

-DM Arena
arena for me is a mixed bag. on one hand, i really disliked the Hive SG arena because it was ugly. on the other, dying on SG4 because you're fighting a to2 and you accidentally opened a chest while trying to bow one of them down is really un-fun. same can be said for maps like valleyside. i'm not sure if i necessarily want a death match for every map, maps like tsg1 & lobby games, which can both be pretty fun maps, definitely need one. especially because lobby games used to have one

this one is really minor. hear me out, i like the lobby, it's what really sells the nostalgia of MCSG on this server to me. but i'd rather this server changes the lobby to the lobby games map its self. MCSG actually did this at some point, and it made the lobby a lot more interesting to actually be in, as there are way more things to do on lobby games then in the just original lobby. for the most part i'm still fine with the old lobby, but i just feel like it'd be fun if it was lobby games instead.

sponsor is pretty simple and it's nice, but all i request is a little bit more variety in what you can sponsor as opposed to what was MCSGs. raw porkchop is a waste of a spot in my mind. and hey, if you can sponsor FnS & bow, why not go all the way & add the rod to the list? don't think it's game breaking or anything, it's probably as easy to find as a bow. think it'd be a nice addition. rod is only the start though, i feel like you can add 2-3 items and get away with it not feeling too different from MCSG, being it's own thing, while also still being simple compared to the crazy stuff you can sponsor on other servers.

- Friend / Party system
very very very simple idea, would just be nice if you're with a group of 3-4 people you can just party so you don't have to say the game number. but this is something very very simple, like, i wouldn't really care if this was added or not. just one of the small things that enhances an experience in a simple and pleasurable way.

and that's pretty much it. honestly, some of these could never be added and i'd be completely fine with that, but things like DM arena & 4 player DM to me would just be an extremely quality of life thing to have. thanks for hearing me out! maybe if anyone in replies had some adjustments or feel like i should've mentioned something you should lmk. thanks!

edit: oh and i forgot to mention cause this is sooo minor but man i really really would rather ranks look like:

mod - red
sr mod - dark red
admin - dark red bold

like og MCSG
looks a lot nicer in my opinion
also a bit more clearer to be honest
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