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Feb 15, 2019
United Kingdom
This is just my opinion, but in terms of how the leaderboards work, I don't think the rankings should be set based off of how many points a player has. I feel like leaderboards are a place that makes Survival Games just that little bit more competitive, however being based on points, any player could get to the top. It's possible for players to just bounty a player over and over and it could be easy for them to climb to the top. In my opinion the leaderboards shouldn't be run like that since any player could get high in the rankings easily (Of course they still have to win the game in order to collect the bounty points but regardless, somebody could be bountied continuously throughout many games and climb the ranks).

In my opinion, the leaderboards should be ran off wins instead, more often than not, the better players will have more wins and will care more about winning the game than just getting points. I understand that the more points you have, the more you lose and so that is why the points system could make sense. But in my opinion it just makes more sense to put wins over points.

I don't want to sound like I'm moaning or anything because I really don't care about my stats or my placement on the leaderboards, in my opinion I just think it would be better this way. :)
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