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Nov 2, 2018
I've been on this server for a while now but I decided to make this anyway. (Stolen from ScottageCheese)

1. Name: Jordan
2. Nickname: JJ
3. IGN: Jxrdxn
4. Age: 16
5. Which region do you play on?: EU
6. What is your favorite aspect of the BackPlay Network?: I have always loved playing Survival Games on Minecraft so playing it on BackPlay is really fun.

7. One embarrassing moment in your life?: When I was 9 I walked up to a stranger on the street thinking it was my dad.

8. One cool fact about yourself?: I can speak fluent Irish.

9. Who are your best friends in the Community?: Mxt, Cxlvxn, Cookeh_, Lovelights, ogisa

10. When did you join Minecraft?: 2014

11. How did you find out about BackPlay?: I found out about BackPlay before it was even called BackPlay. I found the server when it was first called SGMC in 2017 when the Twitter account started gaining popularity and I've been playing the server since.

12. PvP Strengths & Weaknesses?: I'm definitely not that good at PvP, most people know me for being bad at the game but from playing on BackPlay I feel like my PvP skill has improved a lot. I think my strong points in PvP is spacing and using a Fishing Rod, in a fight I feel like I can get away from my opponent taking minimal damage using the Fishing Rod and the map that I'm playing on.
My weakest point in PvP is definitely using the Bow as when I stopped playing in 2016 I lost all my Bow skill that I got from playing Turf Wars on Mineplex and MCGamer. I still work to try and improve my PvP skill on BackPlay everyday.

13. What is your favorite Gamemode?: Survival Games of course.

14. How long have you been playing BackPlay?: As I said before I've been playing since the server was called SGMC and I've been enjoying it ever since.

15. Who's your favorite Staff member & VIP?: My favorite Staff Member is definitely ogisa, and my favorite VIPs are Cxlvxn and Lovelights.

16. What is your favorite SG map?: My favorite Survival Games maps are SG: Adrenaline and Valleyside University.

17. What are your top three goals in the BackPlay Network?: My top three goals on BackPlay are,
1: Get to top 10 on the SG Leaderboards.
2: Get to 500 wins.
3: Fix my K/D Ratio.

18. Who is your favorite BackPlay YouTuber?: My favorite BackPlay YouTubers are Cxlvxn & CraftedPvPer.

19. What is your favorite BackPlay Discord Event?: My favorite BackPlay Discord event is definitely the Open Mic Night, I really enjoy listening to people preform their songs in the channel and it's very funny listening to what songs they sing.

20. What is your favorite MCSG memory?: My favorite MCSG memory is when I got into a game of SG with Huahwi, I was so nervous to fight him in Deathmatch and I'll never forget how hard I tried to try and beat him, I wasn't very good at the game back then but I still put up a good fight.

Thanks for reading :)

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