ItsGeorgio/Jordstar3479 get to know me


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Jun 11, 2019
Well hey guys most people don’t know so I’m trying to get back into the sg scene again and this time I want people I can talk to and know whilst doing it so I’m going to tell you abit about myself

My name is Georgio.Im from Australia and no we don’t ride kangaroos to school that’s only the rich white kids. I’m 15 years old I would say I could suit an 18 year old with my maturity but who knows maybe someone will unlock my inner immature me. I’ve played mine craft for over 7 years but I had only just come back now for 2 years so really only like 5 years of playing it. Through that I did play Mcsg competitively ended up being in most top Au clans even though I didn’t have the best stats at one stage. My favourite hobbies are playing the computer as well as going to the gym a lot , playing rugby league (NRL) and just kicking back with my mates and partying with orange juice and punch. Well that’s abit about myself if you would like to talk to me my discord is Zeplion#3371

Have a nice day you beautiful people


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Apr 19, 2019
Hi Jordyy, welcome back to SG. Glad to see the king of AU here. I didn't really know you too well in MCSG, but nice to see this bit of information about you I never knew.

Also here's a screenshot I took 4 years ago when I was able to somehow kill you on your own home turf. Thought maybe it would be nice to see for memories

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