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Jun 28, 2019
So Ive been playing on this server for a while and I whould like to adress some issues that I have with the server. My intention with this is primarly to help the server growth and to improve my own and other players experience.

The biggest issue that I have is the fact that its near impossible to win a game of survival games if you are playing as a solo player. This is the result of there being no rules against teaming on the server and therefor you run in to teams of 2 to 3 people every game. As a solo player its really frustrating to come up in 2v1 all the time both in dm and in regular play as you have absolutly no chanse of winning the battle if the players in the team are somewhat decent. If this server wants to become "the next mcsg" or "the next thing" and continue to grow you need to work on a solo sg mode or ban people from teaming and this is simply the truth wherever you like it or not. I see that the hub have a solo sg sign but from what Ive understood the mode is not up and running. If you ignore this factor there is soon going to be a server that poops up that can handel this correctly and this server will die...

Some other minor issues that Ive found are that when the player count peek all the sg lobbys fill up and you have to wait to play a game. The easy solution would be to add more sg lobbys as the server will probably get more populated beacuse of the new minecraft hype.

I also think that you should lower the 30 sec timer before the game starts when you are in the arena as its pointless to wait 30 seconds.



Apr 7, 2019
Hey @OGMillo

1. Teams will continue to happen and were always apart of MCSG, some suggestions are to play with a friend or someone else, or use strategies to help you kill potential teams. Not only this, but they are apart of the game. The Development Team is working on fixing other issues that we have before working on SoloSG.

2. Adding more lobbies isn't as easy as you put it as it requires server space, making it more costly for us to pay for.

3. We allow 30s before the game starts to allow players to load in, as some people might not have fast computers, internet, any other issue etc.

I will now proceed to close this post.

Have a nice day,

BackPlay Staff Team
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