Guide How to Write the BEST Moderator Application

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Feb 26, 2019
As The Backplay Network grows and develops, the staff team is always looking for new staff members to provide our growing playerbase with the best experience possible. This guide is meant to help you create an application that gives you a better shot at becoming a moderator on the Backplay Network.​

Before submitting a moderator application, be sure you meet the requirements listed below:
  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • Your application must be 700-1200 words.
  • The name of your thread should be Your IGN - Moderator Application
How to Apply:
Step 1.) Copy the moderator application template from HERE.

Step 2.) Go HERE and click “Post Thread” in the upper right corner.

Step 3.) Paste the template and fill in your answers to the best of your ability.

Step 4.) Wait patiently for senior staff to review your application. Do NOT ask for your application to be looked at. If you want to know how to better answer a question, ask a moderator who may be willing to help. Keep in mind, however, that our staff team is very busy and may not be available at that time to help you out.

Tips & Tricks:
  • Try to keep your color scheme either black/white or very minimal. Too much color can look tacky and can be hard to read.
  • Try to be as grammatically correct as possible, not only does it look more professional, it also helps the senior staff better understand the points you are trying to make in your application.
  • Don’t change the format of the application, trying to do to much to your application can make it difficult to read and less appealing to the staff. Keeping everything as uniform as possible assists the senior staff with going through the many applications, allowing faster response times.
  • Try to personalize your answers as much as possible, we want to see how you would personally handle different situations and how you would fit into our team. While a professional and straightforward answer can work, we also like to see you relating any moderation experience with your answers.
Be honest. It’s best to be honest up front rather than to lie and be caught. Honesty is a key quality the senior staff look for when reviewing applications and interviewing.​
Lie on your application. Whether it’s about your age or experience, it will come to light eventually. Lying on your application will get your rejected or if you are accepted and we find out, demoted.​
Give detailed, thorough answers. Be sure to answer the question clearly and effectively, the senior staff want to see that you know what you are talking about.​
Give short, undetailed answers. We want to see that you are knowledgeable and eager to explain why you are qualified for the position, a short answer may not give us enough information to determine if you’re the best candidate.​
Show that you care about the server! We want to see applicant who genuinely care about the growth of the community.​
Trash talk the staff team. The staff all volunteer their free time whenever they can to make the community better, talking down about others will not look good on your application.​
Tell us about any experience you may have, though it isn’t required to have experience, it does help.​
Ask staff to check your application once you’ve submitted it. Asking for your app to be checked greatly reduces the chance of you being accepted. Be patient, the senior staff go through applications whenever they have the chance while also handling many other responsibilities.​
Re-Apply after a month if you are denied. We love to see people work to get better and try again, don’t give up!​
Send in another application less than a month after being denied. Your application will be instantly rejected.​

With all of that being said, just try your best. Thank you for playing on Backplay and we look forward to seeing your applications!​
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