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Jun 24, 2019
Hello everyone. My name is Daniel, and my IGN is Stormneo, but I also sometimes play on my alt Storm0715. I'm 19 years old and have been playing Backplay for quite a while, but am just now joining the forums. I found this server through different youtubers uploading here and it looked pretty similar to MCSG back in the day, so I hopped on to try it out and it's pretty fun. I guess I'll talk about myself a bit. I started playing MC in 2012 when I joined the soup pvp community. I played McPvP from when I joined in 2012 to when it shut down in 2015 (any other soup vets here?). I loved playing soup hunger games back then as well as MCTeams. After that I shifted over to pot pvp and played Kohi, Badlion (UHCs and SGs), PvPLounge, MineHQ (all until they shut down) and now I mostly play Minemen Club for practice and pot SG. Tbh the game is getting really stale for me since most of my friends quit and I've been playing for so long. I decided I wanna switch it up from pot pvp and give this server a try. I'm pretty friendly so don't be afraid to say hi, pm me or even add my discord (needs friends to play with here since I don't really know anyone here).

Peace out
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