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Mar 2, 2019
San Antonio, Texas
Not many of you know me, but you've seen me on the server. Got this from SoupSalad <3
1. Name: Scott
2. Nickname: Scotty, Scooter
3. IGN: ScottageCheese (used to be Scxttt)
4. Age: 16
5. Which region do you play on?: NA
6. What is your favorite aspect of the BackPlay Network?: The nostalgia of SG is really nice. Also the mods who are very quick and fast when it comes to hackers and other rule violaters. It keeps the server fun and fair.

7. One embarrassing moment in your life?: In 7th grade, I was walking to my desk, and this girl I had a crush on tripped me, and I fell in front of the entire class. My underwear was visible for a good 5 seconds, and it was very embarrassing. When I get embarrassed, I turn really red, so that made it even worse.

8. One cool fact about yourself?: I work at Dominos. (a pizza place)

9. Who are your best friends in the Community?: Kuvay, Senor_Cactus, Jxrdxn, Cxlvxn,

10. When did you join Minecraft?: Late 2014

11. How did you find out about BackPlay?: I was watching Calvin (Cxlvxn) streaming and he was playing EU. THANK GOD an NA server was created.

12. PvP Strengths & Weaknesses?: I wouldn't call my self very good at PVP. I have certain days when I'm really good, and other days when I can barely get a kill. But I would say my biggest weakness is teams. I rarely win against teams. If I don't have an flint and steel, I'm screwed lol. My biggest strength is, rods. When I have a rod, I'm a lot better than without. I'm sure everyone is but that's my strength.

13. What is your favorite Gamemode?: SG and Skywars

14. How long have you been playing BackPlay?: Since the day the NA server came out

15. Who's your favorite Staff member & VIP?: Favorite Staff Member(s) - Jxrdxn, Teaches, Cookeh_
Favorite VIP - Cxlvxn

16. What is your favorite SG map?: Alaskan Village, Shady Hollow, SG4, Green Grass, SG Adrenaline, Par 72, and Turbulence

17. What are your top three goals in the BackPlay Network?:
1- Get my KD ratio above 1.00 (feelsbadman)
2- Get on leaderboard on both SG and FFA
3- Be well known in a positive way throughout the BackPlay community

18. Who is your favorite BackPlay YouTuber?: Cxlvxn, Ize

19. What is your favorite BackPlay Discord Event?: I've never participated in an event, but I've heard that open mic night is fun.

20. What is your favorite MCSG memory?: Sadly, I never played MCSG. When it was out, I played skywars on hypixel, alot (way too much), I had just started playing MC and I was garbage. I had no clue what SG was and I was TERRIBLE at PVP, and I didn't start using a rod until about two years later. At that time, I was playing on a computer that could barely reach 30 fps. The void in skywars made my fps a lot better.

Hope this helps everyone to get to know me! I would highly suggest to copy this and introduce yourself to the BackPlay community.
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