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Mar 15, 2019
United States
I never thought I'd make one of these either, but why not!
Inspired by ferao to make one about myself ?

1. Name: Avin

2. Nickname: Dolly

3. IGN: ImNotYourDolly

4. Age: 18

5. Which region do you play on?: NA

6. What is your favorite aspect of the BackPlay Network?: The community, And having the opportunity to be apart of the staff team and help players with any troubles or reports they have. Everyone in the staff team are always super generous and help me with any questions or issues, and for that I feel very comfortable being here,

7. One embarrassing moment in your life?: When my friend and I were shopping in a target I grabbed a bottle of apple juice and threw it into the shopping cart too mindlessly and it exploded everywhere. We were too embarrassed to tell a worker so we ran out of the isle in shame and embarrassment..

8. One cool fact about yourself?: I reached masters in overwatch only playing symmetra, who at the time was considered one of the worst dps in the entire game.

9. Who are your best friends in the Community?: Some of my best friends include meitzer, AlyssaDoesGames, ognessa, PewPew011, Britley, megz7, and all of my clan members :)

10. When did you join Minecraft?: 2013

11. How did you find out about BackPlay?: A friend of mine retweeted one of BackPlays giveaway tweets, and the idea of a new sg server to play on with friends that had the feel of MCSG nostalgia excited me.

12. PvP Strengths & Weaknesses?: I think I'm really good bow, but when it comes to everything else I'm honestly so bad.

13. What is your favorite Gamemode?: Survival games.

14. How long have you been playing BackPlay?: March 12th.

15. Who's your favorite Staff member & VIP?: My favorite staff member(s) are AlyssaDoesGames and ognessa! And lovelights is my favorite VIP member.

16. What is your favorite SG map?: Fortune Island(Waiting for the day we add it to BackPlay :c)

17. What are your top three goals in the BackPlay Network?: Don't really have any ''goals'' per say, but I'm really looking forward to making new friends, And showing that I'm a really great asset to the staff team!

18. Who is your favorite BackPlay YouTuber?: I haven't watched any, Don't really have time to but I will most likely will eventually.

19. What is your favorite BackPlay Discord Event?: Open mic night! I love how we can come together as a community and share our special talents.

20. What is your favorite MCSG memory?: My favorite MCSG memory is meeting all of my friends that I still talk to today, and have even met irl! I'll forever be grateful for the fond memories that server have given me and can't wait to make more here :)

Thank you for reading my thread - Stan LOONA!
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