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lil nick

Feb 23, 2019
1. Name: lil nick
2. Nickname: nick
3. IGN: idk tf that is
4. Age: 16
5. Which region do you play on?: American one
6. What is your favorite aspect of the BackPlay Network?: the trash kb and hacking mexican randoms
7. One embarrassing moment in your life?: when i was 3 i took a shit on the mcdonalds slide then some bitch slid in that shit after me ?

8. One cool fact about yourself?: got 2 clanwars rings

9. Who are your best friends in the Community?: fuk erybody except meitzer megan and dolly they cool

10. When did you join Minecraft?: 2011

11. How did you find out about BackPlay?: idk

12. PvP Strengths & Weaknesses?: good at everthing because im, the best ont thet server
13. What is your favorite Gamemode?: when i play game on drugs

14. How long have you been playing BackPlay?: i think some days

15. Who's your favorite Staff member & VIP?: Favorite Staff Member(s) - favorite staff is dolyy, all the vip trash especially cxlvxn but my boy vance cool

16. What is your favorite SG map?: the on wit football feild

17. What are your top three goals in the BackPlay Network?:
1- find som egirls
2- fuck the egirls
3- get muneyyyy ?

18. Who is your favorite BackPlay YouTuber?: ppl still do minecraft youtube?

19. What is your favorite BackPlay Discord Event?: the orgies

20. What is your favorite MCSG memory?: bein in da best clannn
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