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Mar 30, 2019
Hello folks,

In this post I'd like to explain to you everything you must know before posting in General Discussions section. This post will cover all the Dos and Donts of this forum, explain its purpose and give you all the useful information.

General Discussions is the most popular and the most used forum section on our website. Many of our community members don't know the main purpose of this section and misuse it by publishing threads that do not belong here. Please keep in mind that this forum must be used, as its name indicates, for community discussions; anything related to our server and its contents, the community, etc.

What CAN you post in General Discussions?
General Discussions, as its name says, is a corner made for the community to post different things regarding the server, or even their lives. Here is an example of what you may post in this forum:

  • BackPlay memories
  • BackPlay community discussions
  • BackPlay server feature discussions
  • BackPlay event discussions
  • Opinions on updates or server changes
  • Introduction threads
  • Personal hobbies or likings
  • Engaging and unique forum games!
What NOT to post in General Discussions?
Every often people misuse this forum section, filling it with unnecessary, irrelevant or abusive posts. Not to mention the amount of threads that are not supposed to be posted here. Below is a list of things that you should NOT post in this section:

  • Ask to review a ban appeal or post one
  • Ask to review a moderator application or post one
  • Look for help (use the Community Help forum instead)
  • Report a bug (use the Bug Reporting forum instead)
  • Reporting players or staff members (use Player Reports or Staff Member Reports, accordingly, for this)
  • Advertising another community or an irrelevant content channel
  • Trading ranks, Minecraft items, selling items, etc.
  • Making useless posts that fit best for a status update
  • Reposting an already existing thread or discussion
  • Starting controversial posts due to its content (against staff, specific members or the server)
  • Anything else the staff considers irrelevant and against the rules
Now that you know how to use the General Discussions forum, feel free to start posting! Make sure to embrace yourselves with the rest of the community by publishing creative and unique content. Hope this small guide served you, for any questions, please hit me up with a private message.
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