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Apr 23, 2019
Your username: outsetselect
Platform where the feature should be added (Discord, ingame or forums): ingame
Description of your suggestion: Friend List Command (Being able to add friends) and /join sg (to instantly join the waiting sg lobby with most players)
Why do you want this feature to be added to our network?: During my years of playing MCGamer, these are the commands I was using regularly and although I love Backplay. I was a little disappointed these commands weren't added. So the Friends List feature/command allows you to friend request players in the game. If the player becomes your friend you are able to use the command "/friend list" and it shows a list of all your friends and which of them are active or inactive and what sg they're in . I loved this feature because I could join the server and see if any of my friends were playing. Now for the "/join sg" command. This was one of my most frequent commands I used while playing MCGamer. I still find myself using this command as a force of habit. This feature allowed you to instantly join the survival games lobby with the most players. Now the reason why this is different from the "/server sg" command is that you had to know the number of the lobby you wanted to join. This ruins the purpose of me using the command so I just use the compass. I brought up this idea last year with some admins and they thought it was a good idea and told me they would consider it. Hopefully these features can be added to backplay to make my sg experience even better, thank you!


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Jan 22, 2020
Hello there,

First of all, thanks for the suggestion. Regarding your first suggestion, I am happy to say that we're working on it and it'll be hopefully added to the server with the new update. Regarding your second suggestion, which is ''Join SG'' command. We have “/server sg” command on the server instead. However as you said, it doesn't teleport you to the server with the most players at that moment. You need to type the server that you want to connect manually. However, i’ll let the dev team know. Hopefully “join sg” may be added :)
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