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Aug 12, 2018
First name: Ignacio

IGN(s): Ferao

Nickname(s): Ferao

Age: 19

Region: EU


One Cool Fact: I work as a Free Time Monitor in summer

One Embarrassing Fact: Back when I was in school I threw my meal over my music teacher

One Fact that makes you proud: I´ve been playing the guitar since I was 8

One Fact no one would ever guess about you: I used to practice Judo, Karate and Taekwondo at the same time

Most Common question you get asked: Are you Owner?

Favorite Animal: Raccoons

Favorite Plant: Fleur de lis

Favorite Color: Dark blue

Favorite Food: Chicken wings @manuuugh

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Personal Catchphrase: "Shut up"

Heard about BackPlay by: @lllibailll

Ever Bring someone to BackPlay: Yep

Things that you’ve done/are proud of: Losing more than 50 games in a row

Who would win in a PvP fight, you or lllibailll?: Probably my boy @lllibailll

Call me maybe?: No sir

Do you team in game: Just with my friends, 0 randys

Have you been backstabbed: Plenty of times

Ever Broken a bone: My right middle finger

Would you rather be a fish or a bird?: A flying fish

Personal Skills: Im creative, ambitious, competent and even-handed

Computer specs: No idea

Computer operating system: Windows 10

Program I use to record: OBS or Fraps

Favorite movie: V for Vendetta

Favorite music genre/band/song/artist/composer: Country Rock, Jazz and Rap

Favorite game (other than Minecraft): League of Legends

Favorite character from fiction: Solomon Kane

Terrified of: Love

Personal website: Twitter @FeraoMC

Favorite website (Other than these forums): Instagram

Dream job: Creative Director

What job you currently are doing, or plan to do: Im stuying a Marketing Degree

Favorite thing about the community: The fan base


Roles and Responsibilities: Administrator and Staff Manager, I need to ensure our staff team is making their work as efficiently as possible

When I am online: Pretty much every single day during the mornings and also at night

Previous moderating experience: MCGamer moderator/Hive moderator/Hypixel trial moderator/SpainPvP moderator/ Minplay SrModerator/OGMC moderator...

Been a member of staff since: I dont even remember

Servers most active on (SG, Hub, Battlegrounds, etc): Hub and my Discord office

Personal goal(s) as a staff member: Be the most professional and well organized staff team


If you have other questions, let me know!

~ Ferao ~
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