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Nov 2, 2018
If you would like to compete in the Leaderboards please fill out this application and post it in the Discord
Application Status: CLOSED
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Leader IGN:
Leader Discord:
Clan Name:
Does your clan follow all BackPlay rules?:
Clan Thread (You must have a thread on the forums to play):
Do you agree to all rules and regulations?:
(We reserve the right to remove clans from the leaderboard if they break the rules).



- All matches will be played on BackPlay's Clan War servers.

- Each battle must be played following these rules:
- All battles will be played on BackPlay's Clan War servers.

- All matches will be first to 5.

- All matches must be 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7, or 8v8.

- All playing clan members must be present on each clans BackPlay thread, if a player would like to use an alternate account it must also be present on the thread and the opposite clan must be imformed beforehand of who the player is and that they are on alternate account.

- If someone loses connection or crashes during the game it will be as if the player has died, redos will not be done because of this. If multiple players drop connection at once this may be a server-side issue and can result in a redo.

- The clan higher on the leaderboard get to pick the map first, after the first round it is every second pick.
(The same map cannot be played twice in a row).

- FnS is NOT allowed.

- There will be a 2 minute grace period (Stalking during grace period is allowed).

- Postponing EU Clan Leaderboard matches is not allowed.

- Use of accounts shared by members of different teams is not allowed.

- Once a lobby has entered into pre-game the round has officially begun. Except in the case that a team is at a disadvantage, if a team is at a significant disadvantage they have the option to pullout by leaving the lobby during pre-game and redo the round, if they do not leave during pre-game the round must be played as normal.

- Ghost killing is allowed as it is the player's fault and not the servers.

- Block glitching is allowed, any other glitches/bugs are not allowed.

- Usage of map items such as the Iron Leggings on Valleyside University or the Iron Chestplate and Leggings on Zone85 is not allowed. Any item found in dispensers are not allowed to be used and if a player is found using these items it will result in a round redo.

- Using Enchant Bottles found on the map is not allowed. Enchanting in general is not allowed, this includes fishing for levels.

- Using modifications that are not allowed on BackPlay will result in an instant round disqualification. If you are caught using these modifications you will be BLACKLISTED from the leaderboards and future events.

- Double clanning is not allowed, if you are caught double clanning you may be BLACKLISTED from the leaderboards.

- Trapping during grace period is not allowed and will result in a round redo.
- The minimum amount of players to play is 4v4, if a clan lacks the amount of players to play at the time of the battle they must play with a disadvantage.

- All clan battles must be played on maps from the following map pool:

- Valleyside University
- Survival Games 4
- Par 72
- Zone85
- Survival Games Adrenaline
- Turbulence
- Alaskan Village

- The only way to advance up the leaderboard is by challenging the clan above your clan. Once the enemy clan has been challenged, they must accept within 24 hours or it will be an automatic forfeit. Once the challenge is accepted you then have 3 days to organize and play the round. If the challenge is accepted and the enemy clan fails to show up at the time the battle was organized at it will be an automatic disqualification and your clan will be moved up a spot on the leaderboards. Once the time and date is set for the battle there will be NO CHANGES WHATSOEVER to the time.

- If a clan declines a challenge it will not count as a forfeit, but they will be moved down a spot.

- If any clan loses, they must wait 2 days before challenging the same clan again.

- Clans can challenge a clan below them but if they lose they will be moved down a spot.

- There will be NO POSTPONEMENTS, once a battle date is decided all rounds must be played, if a clan has a disadvantage at the time of the battle they will have to play with the disadvantage or forfeit the battle.

- Once you get challenged, or another clan gets challenged, your clan is LOCKED and you will be unable to receive anymore challenges until the current challenge is finished.

- If your clan wins the battle, the losing clan cannot challenge you again for 24 hours.

- One food break can be taken if needed during a clan battle, the break lasts for 30 minutes and if both clans aren't ready by the time the 30 minutes ends they will have to play without the people that aren't ready.

- Consequences for breaking the rules as followed:
First offence: The round will not count and will be called off.

Second offence: The round will be a DQ.

Third offence: The match will be a forfeit.

Any clan caught with a cheater/hacker will automatically be disqualified and may be BLACKLISTED from participating in other BackPlay events.





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