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dad97's Staff Application

Part 1: personal information.

My real life name is Dario.


Minecraft Username(s):
Main account: dad97worsteu
Alt(s): MmocAMammt



I'm 17 years old.


Country & Timezone:

I'm from Italy in Europe. My Timezone is CEST.


Discord Tag:

My Discord Tag is dad97#7006.


Microphone Ownership:
I own a good microphone.


I can record videos in 1080p - 60 FPS.


I think can speak English fluently enough, and I can also speak Italian as it's my native language.


I have never been punished on the server / on the network.


Part 2: experiences, will, abilities.


Staff Experience:

WarAccademy - 300+ on - Helper (SS Verified) - Proof:

FearGames - 450+ on - Helper (SS Verified) - Proof:

MineJade - 350+ on - Moderator (SS Verified) - Proof:

Sky-Craft - 100+ on - Helper - Proof:

FantasyPvP - 150+ on - Helper (SS Verified) - Proof:

ColdNetwork - 180+ on - Mod (SS Verified) - Proof:

PvPTemple - 300+ on - Trainee - Proof:

Revils Network - 50+ on - Trial-Mod - Proof: Scalebound (Owner), Galleh_Pro (Manager), and Nitor (Manager) can vouch for it.

DarthLand - 50+ on - Moderator (SS Verified) - Proof:

UHCHub - 300+ on - Staff (UHC Host + SubGames Moderator) (Head Of SS) - Proof: currently I can't provide proof, but you can ask most of the staff team if I actually was staff there.


Reason I want to acquire the rank for:

Well, there are many reasons which I'd like to be staff on this NETWORK for.
As you might have noticed, I did not say "server" because before thinking about the server I think we should talk about the BackPlay community.
I think it is a relatively pretty good community and what I want it to remain a good community. On the Minecraft community, some too many toxic players only think about winning without settings any limits. They do not care about what others feel when they are being insulted, they don't care about others having fun, etc.
So one thing I'd like to do is to remove toxic people from the network and the community, so everyone can have fun on it by playing on the server, discussing on the forums, chatting on the discord, etc. As it isn't just a server, there are other platforms too like Discord and Forums.
Talking about the server, I'd also like to become a staff member because I'd like to try a new SG and FFA experience, as I like the SGs but I've never been staff in a really good one (anyway I believe I know how to play and how a staff should moderate and help in this mode, I also searched in forums for threads based on the SG mode like the one called "
How is SG ranking calculated?" to improve my knowledge).
I think BackPlay is the perfect SG server for me and it is most likely one of the SGs servers I liked most since the time I saw it on YouTube.
So, what I'd like to do is improving the server, but how to do it? In my opinion, the most important things that a staff member should do to improve the server are these:
-Supporting people;
-Removing toxic people and rules breakers;
-Making the toxic people and rules breakers understand why they are wrong.
Supporting people is a really important thing, because, if you support who needs help, the supported people will feel listened, and consequentially they will most likely have a good behavior to the other players. And if they do, the community will automatically be better.
Also removing toxic people is a really important thing: if a toxic player is hurting another member, he will make the community worse because as we want, the community must not be toxic at all, and everyone must be kind to each other, otherwise, it will not be fun to play on the server and to stay in the community I'm applying to be staff on.
And of course, together with the toxic people, also the rules breaker must be removed: if a player is breaking the rules of the server, or is most likely cheating to another player, it is unacceptable, because the victim player will not have fun on the server and will most likely leave it unless the rule breaker gets removed from the server after (or before) he gets reported.
I also think that it is important to make the players understand why they are wrong and why they've been punished, by moving them in a support room on Discord, or private messaging. I'm saying it because most of the rules breakers don't understand that it is not fun for the other players to cheat on them or to break the rules. Rules are rules and must not be broken, because there always is a reason behind them, that can be right or wrong, depending on the viewpoint.


Moderator qualities:
-Collaboration: even though it's important to be independent, I also think that teamwork and collaboration between staff members are very important to improve the server: after all, if you have more people trying to reach a goal, you are more likely to reach it.

-Reasonable: If I punish a player, and he joins Discord saying he was unfairly punished, I will be happy to explain the reason for the punishment, being reasonable and getting him to talk too.

-Organization: In my life, I always do many things: as I have already said, I always have a great desire to do things, and I find myself struggling with idle hands. I attend school, attend music lessons, sports, work, etc ...
Clearly, this does not mean that I will devote little time to the server, quite the contrary: I think that many things can be done with the organization, and I am the exact example of this because I do so many things, and I still have time for rest, play and do other things.

-Support I like to support people on forums: I am very serious, calm, kind, and reasonable.

-Non-Toxic: I am a good and chill guy, I don't flame or DDoS or other things that can harm other people.

-MultiTasking: When I say "multitasking", I mean to do more things together, for example, give support to a player on Discord and watch a possible cheater together.


Staff Team benefits:
-Extrovert: I like very much to make new friend, I am very energetic, and I want to meet many people in the staff team.

-Calm & Patient: I am very calm and patent, and when I have to do something, I do it always seriously and calmly.

-Synthetic: When it's needed, I always try to be as concise as possible, but try to be as clear as possible at the same time.

-Non-Toxic: I am a good and chill guy, I don't flame or DDoS or other things that can harm other persons.

-Friendly: In case I become part of the staff team of BackPlay I would always be friendly and I would try to make friends even on the staff, and I would be friendly even with the players.

-Listener: I always listen to other people, whether it's a response to a discussion or an opinion about a project or something else, as I think you can always learn something from other people.


Punishing Rules-Breakers:
I would punish players as the rules say without not even one special treatment. If a player is doing something wrong and against the rules, even if they're my friend I don't care about it, and I'd punish them as I'd punish any other player. Then, I'd always take proof of a player breaking the rules before punishing them, even if the staff rules say there is no need to. I always do it because I don't want to be attacked in any way, like with videos on YouTube saying I'm a "bad moderator" or with forum threads, or worse by being "disgraced" by the player I punished telling a higher staff member I banned them for no reason. As I don't do special treatments for friends, I do also not treat people I don't really like in a different way. Even if a player is toxic to me in private chat for example on discord, or is a "bad person" in my opinion, unless they do something wrong on the server I won't punish them in any way. Also (unless there is a special partner when a YouTuber / Streamer has the permission given by the head-staff to do something) if an "influencer" is doing something against the rules I'd punish them in the same way, even if they try to corrupt me with money, sponsorships or other things, I would not betray who I told I would never abuse my rank to.


Currently Staff:

I'm not currently staff on any other opened server.



I cannot tell you how much I'd be online on the server a week, but I can tell you that I can spend 2-4 hours a day on the forums, on Minecraft, and on discord.


I, dad97worsteu, am not going to abuse my rank in any possible way or manner. If I do abuse in any way I am ready to accept the consequences.




BackPlay Veteran
Nov 2, 2018
I'm sorry to inform you that your application has unfortunately been declined by the Senior Staff team.
Thank you for applying for the Moderator position, but we think you didn't meet our expectations in your application.
We'll list you some things we thought were not suitable enough and what you can improve upon:

Reason 1: Do not alter the application, use the exact application and questions.
Reason 2: Don't overuse the text formatting and colors as it makes it difficult to read.
Reason 3: Don't add you're own dividers between questions as it takes up unnecessary space.

You may reapply in 7 days if you wish to. For any questions, you may contact me on the forums.

Best of luck!
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