Guide Correctly Contacting a Member of the Staff Team

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Jul 11, 2019
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Contacting Staff Members

Sometimes there has been a miscommunication between staff members and the community of BackPlay because the lack of information. But don't worry, This is a guide on how to contact them correctly.

I'll be helping you out on how to contact the staff members correctly, the order of this guide will go as so forth;

  • Contacting Moderators
  • Contacting Senior Moderators
  • Contacting Admins
Contacting Moderators

In this part of the guide we will be overviewing how to contact a Moderator in order these instances;
  • Regarding ingame hackers / rule breakers
  • Asking to see your ban evidence
  • Contacting clan staff
  • Forums
Regarding Ingame Hackers / Rule Breakers
If you think a player is cheating on our servers, we have multiple ways of reporting them. You can either use /report command, or mention, message a moderator on Discord.

Using /report command;

1. I strongly advise you to use this command if you face a hacker / rule breaker on BackPlay. This will take the minimal time out of your experience on our servers, you can easily type /report and notify the moderators.


2. Once you type /report, you will see list of offences, it will look like this;

report komutu.jpg

As you go over the items shown in the picture, you will see the names of the offences. Pick the one which you think fits best for the player you reported (for example pick the diamond sword if you think the player is cheating) easy as that, the report will be sent straight to us and one of our Moderators will deal with it.

Reporting a Hacker on Discord

Regarding reporting a hacker / rule breaker on Discord, we'd highly reccomend you to look at the right of your screen where you will see a list of Moderators who are active at the moment. You can either mention them in the #staff-help channel or PM (private message) them, we will be responding to you quickly, as soon as possible.

acik moddlar.jpg

For example, you can click on Addy and private message him or, you can do @Addy in the text channel and reach him out. You should contain who are you reporting (nickname), reason of your report and an evidence of your report (if possible).

Getting in contact with a Moderator over the Forums:

Getting in touch with a Moderator over the forums is surprisingly easy. It involves clicking a couple of buttons and typing some words. We have a variety of Moderators that are active on the forums. Just look for the red names in the ‘Staff Online’ bar. To get in contact with a Moderator over the forums, you need to create a conversation with one first. Click at the email image next to your profile picture, right upper side of the page. Click on Start a new conversation then, write the name of an available moderator in the recipients blank. As you determine the receiver of the message, insert the title and the message, which should be looking like this;


Once you done with your message, click at the
button and congratulations, you succesfully started a conversation with a staff member!

Contacting Clan Staff

If you have any questions, issues etc. about clan battles, you can always contact to a Clan Staff on our Discord. Click to available moderators on Discord and see if they have the Clan Staff tag. If they have it, you can freely ask anything about clan wars!

Requesting to see your ban evidence:
After your punishment, you can ask the moderator who punished you to see your evidence. Moderators have right to not send you the evidence directly and ask you to appeal. Do not abuse them if they refuse to send you the evidence and make a ban appeal. You'll eventually see your evidence after your appeal has been accepted/declined.

Contacting Senior Moderators

In this section of our article, we will be going over on how to contact a Senior Staff for;
  • Ban Disputes
  • Moderator Application
  • Getting Your Donor-Rank on Discord
Ban Disputes

After posting your ban dispute, I highly recommend you to not ask Senior Moderators to check your appeal excessively. We understand waiting might be little difficult but you have nothing much to do after you posted your dispute. After you recieve a message from a Sr. Moderator, if you didn't really understand what they meant with their message, you can ask them on Discord to explain their message for a bit more information but please, do not ask them to check your appeal over and over again.

Moderator Application

Make sure you read this article before posting your moderator application. What you should and shouldn't do is clearly given there. One of them is to not ask Sr. Moderators to review your application. It may result with the rejection of your application. After you recieve a message from a Sr. Moderator, if you are having trouble to understand the message written by the Sr. Moderator, you are free to ask them to be more clear with their message.

Getting Your Donor-Rank on Discord

You can either private message a Sr. Moderator or ask to get your rank on Discord in the #staff-help channel. Once a staff member notices your message, your rank will be given as soon as possible.

Contacting Admins
You can contact to a BackPlay admin for:
  • Rank Transfer
  • Name Change on Forums
We recommend you to reach one of our Admins on Discord with your questions above.

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