ChestRoute's Final Ban Appeal

Jan 8, 2019
Your username: ChestRoute (At the time that I got banned, my IGN was "RodEmBack")
Platform where you were punished (Minecraft Server, Discord, Forums): Minecraft Server
Staff member who punished you: I got a console ban, for "hacking"
Date when you were punished: Like a month ago (I was to lazy to appeal)
Explanation of your punishment (Why do you want to get unpunished)?: I was playing SG, and while I was in the Pre-Game, I got banned for "hacking". I believe I deserve to be unbanned since I haven't cheated.

PS: If I get unbanned I'd like to receive a stats reset, because I had a perfect ratio. Thanks.

PS2: I can't believe how the staff member can give me such a basic response like this when I did actually follow the appeal format.

PS3: On my second appeal (which I linked above) you can check my 1st appeal.