Ban Appeal - Snowkame - Alting and Mute Evading

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Sep 8, 2018
Your username: Snowkame
Platform where you were punished (Minecraft Server, Discord, Forums): Minecraft Server, and Discord
Staff member who punished you: Ferao
Date when you were punished: 24 October 2018
Explanation of your punishment (Why do you want to get unpunished)?: First of all I wanna say that I got muted because I called Ferao "useless" and I'm sorry about that but I was just mad about a random thing. Then the same night I was bored and I joined with another account to talk with people in the hub, I have to admit that some staff members told me to stop because I was like "annoying" other players but I completely didn't care about that so I am sorry about that stupid thing I was doing. Anyway as I already said to Ferao I am sad now because I am loving backplay and I am loving how's it doing good. And also i spent a lot of money on it (2 diamond ranks and 3 stat resets)

Hope you'll unban me as soon as possible bcs I wanna keep playing on BackPlay -Snow


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Aug 12, 2018

Unfortunately your ban wont me removed, the staff consider that you have broken our server rules.
Next time before you make any of the things you did please think about it. Being disrespectful with the staff and evading a mute are things that we can not tolerate.
Have a nice day!
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