BackPlay's SG Tournament #2


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Jan 27, 2020
Thanks for participating in the previous SG tournament that was held on the 4th, unfortunately we still do not have prizes set for winners but we will fix this for future tournaments. The next SG Tournament will be held on the 20th August 6pm GMT - We are looking for around 20 players so places will be first come first serve. and 5 rounds will be played. The format will be 2v2 so grab a teammate and we'll see you there! Good luck! To reserve your place message one of the admins and be quick as places will fill very quickly.

How it works: Each kill will give you 5 points if you get more than 5 kills in a game you will get a bonus 10 points at the end of that round. If you make it to deathmatch you will receive 10 points and for every win you receive you will gain 30 points.


1. No teaming will be allowed in this tournament if caught teaming/trucing you will instantly be disqualified (unless the tournament requires you to team).
2. No hiding for the entire game if caught doing this 15 points will be deducted from your score
3. No targeting for longer than 3 minutes will be allowed doing so will result in a deduction of 20 points
4. No arguments or being toxic to others, we are hosting this tournament to have a good time and maybe make some new friends.

5. Everyone must join the same call on backplay discord where you will be server muted at the beginning of each round where we will read out the scores throughout each one. You will then be unmuted and freely to talk and make some new friends. If anyone becomes toxic or rude you will be server muted for that round as a first warning then if continued muted for the rest of the tournament.

If you are interested in taking part reply to this thread or apply here and I will add you to the list. First 20 people to reply will get on.

Players taking part so far:

1. Utku & KuraiReaper
2. Erdee & Doruk1
3. ReimcheNz & duseBeleaua
4. Vaiu & babacik
5. Kronossen & Alex307
6. Esteleth & Releasin
7. Artz and Fatz
8. ThatRastaGuy & Redslatt
9. Sunflxwerz & lilharri
10. Jxrdxn & Calvin
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