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Dec 20, 2017
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Respect the staff
The decisions made by our staff members are final, therefore you may not argue with them. Back-talking to staff can result in a punishment. If a Moderator is found abusing their powers, misusing their permissions or making unfair decisions, you may collect evidence and contact a Senior moderator. If this is a Senior moderator case, contact an Administrator. If it was an Admin, privately contact the Owner.

Back-talking to staff is not allowed in any way

Please keep in mind that the staff have offered their free time to help the server, therefore we expect you to be respectful towards them. The staff can be identified by their colored names: Moderators, Senior Moderators and Administrators and Owner.

Do not advertise other servers or communities

It is forbidden to advertise other Minecraft server IPs, websites, Discord servers, or anything else outside our network, whether it was intentional or not.

No excessive channel advertisement

You may advertise your YouTube or Twitch content once per lobby without excessively spamming it. If you are found promoting the same content more than once on the same server or lobby, you may face a punishment.

No spamming or usage of excessive caps

Spamming usually pollutes the chat and makes the game less enjoyable. If you send the same message over 3 times, or if you send any garbage message (mashing the keyboard and sending random letters with no sense, chat flooding) it will be considered as spam. Sending large messages with full caps is disallowed as well.

No flame wars
Swearing is allowed as long as it is not directed to someone, but if you are threatening or disrespecting someone, it will get you in trouble. Controversial discussions are not tolerated on our network.

No mass campaigns or demonstrations
Mass messages or posts attempt against community neutrality and policy, thus creating mass tags such as #Demote[Staff], #Unban[Member], or #GiveAdminto[Member], and related will result in a punishment.

No inappropriate content
Inappropriate content mostly stands for adult content and is not tolerated in our community. Sending inappropriate links is also forbidden. Try to keep the chat clean.

No misleading
You may not troll others in order to get an advantage of it. The following list is what you must avoid doing:

  • No tricking others into leaving games with the purpose of getting a reward (e.g: ranks, diamonds, points, etc.)
  • Pretending to be a staff member when you are not is forbidden
  • Do never claim to be using any disallowed modification, whether it is in-game, Discord or forums, it is not allowed, no matter if it is true or not
Behave appropriately and do not discriminate
Remember, we are all human, and although we might be different, we ask you to be respectful towards every single user on our servers. Punishments for the following cases are severe:

  • No disrespecting
  • No racism
  • No sexism
  • No ageism
  • No homophobia
  • No remarks about disabilities
  • No religion, gender, belief, political views or personal status discrimination
If you are found abusing others in a different way, not listed herein, you will also get severely punished.

No usage of alternative accounts purposely
Usage of alternative accounts is forbidden if you use it exclusively for any of the following cases:

  • Punishment evading. If you have restricted access to any of our platforms, you are forbidden to use an alternative account to bypass the active punishment, no matter if it’s a temporary or a permanent one. Any attempt to use an alternative account while punished will result in a permanent removal from the network
  • Statistics boosting. If you use an alternate account to boost your statistics, whether it's in-game or on our forums, it will result in an immediate punishment from our network on all accounts. Teaming with a hacker is also considered boosting, just like purposely farming kills, wins, etc. with your teammates
No inappropriate names
We do not allow users to have any type of inappropriate or offensive names. Under the term of an offensive name we mean:

  • Nicknames with profane or derogatory language
  • Nicknames which may offend a specific religion
  • Nicknames which may offend a specific race
  • Nicknames which may offend a specific gender
  • Any usernames which are considered inappropriate on our server (the list is above)
  • Impersonating names. If your name is similar to a famous player or staff, and you use that to your advantage in order to mislead others and impersonate, you will face a punishment
No selling, trading or scamming
Selling an item, whether it is virtual or physical, buying or borrowing one is disallowed. If you want to negotiate a transaction, do it outside our network. If you are found trading on our servers, pricing your items, etc., you will face a punishment. Furthermore, we hold no responsibility for any transfers you make with other players.

No DDoS, death or harm encouragements
Any attempt, threat or encouragement to DDoS, harm, or death is strictly forbidden and those who exploit this rule will be immediately punished, even if they were not serious.

No doxxing or sharing personal information

Sharing the IP address, full name, country, city, phone number etc. of another user without their consent will not be tolerated and will result in a severe punishment.

Do not interfere in other players’ issues
If you see a staff and a player sorting out a matter, do not interfere or give your feedback on the situation. Remain neutral. Typical cases include ban appeals, mod applications, punishments, arguments, or other personal issues.

Do not start drama
Our team works hard in order to make the server an enjoyable and welcoming place for everyone. You are all expected to have fun, however, if someone is found starting drama, which can definitely make the community look bad and lose interest in our servers, they will face a punishment.

Do not attempt to exploit loopholes in these rules
The staff reserve the right to issue punishments towards those that are found exploiting loopholes in these rules. They are going to be strictly applied, however, there is always a room for additional punishments if you are found bypassing the rules filter.


All general rules apply
The general rules stated above apply to our Minecraft server ( /

Usage of a hacked client is prohibited
Using hacked clients gives you unfair advantages against other players, therefore it is completely forbidden.

No ping-spoofing

It gives the spoofer an unfair advantage, therefore is punishable.

No hackusating
Do not accuse someone of hacking, using macros or ghost clients, etc. Instead, report them to the staff team.

No modded clients
Using any modded clients that are not listed below will get you in trouble. Allowed modifications:

  • FPS improvement mods (E.g: Optifine)
  • Shaders or any other aesthetic modifications
  • Any status HUDs
A full list of allowed modifications is listed at the bottom of this post.

No targeting others
Stalking someone makes the game less enjoyable for that user. If you are found continuously targeting a specific player, whether they are a VIP, staff or not, you will face a punishment.

Offensive capes and skins are forbidden

It is strictly forbidden to use an inappropriate Optifine cape or a Minecraft skin. The following list is a set of those kinds of skins or capes you are not allowed to have:

  • Sexually explicit skins or capes (male genitalia, woman breast, etc.)
  • Nazi skins (Adolf Hitler skin, the Swastika symbol on a cape, etc.)
  • Communist skins (Joseph Stalin, Hammer and Sickle, Vladimir Lenin skins, etc.)
  • Terrorist skins
  • Specific hate related organization skins (KKK, etc.)
  • Any other kinds of inappropriate or disturbing skins
No revealing disguises
You are not allowed to reveal another player’s true username in case they are under disguise.

No illegal teaming
You are not allowed to team or truce (e.g: stand next to each other outside spawn without fighting, running around the map together, helping each other get outside the map or reach a specific place) in Free For All (FFA). Teams of over 3 players in Survival Games are disallowed as well. This rule does not apply to Custom SG.

You may be granted a second chance depending on the severity of your actions that led to you being punished. Post an appeal and the senior staff team will take a decision.


All general rules apply
The general rules stated above apply to our forums.

No excessive bumping
You may not spam-post on a thread to make it always appear at the top of a specific forum, as this not only fills the thread with pointless posts, but it also pollutes the recent posts and annoys users, especially those who are searching for interesting recent posts.

No necroposting / grave-digging

Necroposting, also called grave-digging, stands for posting on a thread that has been inactive for over 30 days, or "bringing it back from the dead". If a thread has been necroposted, as soon as a moderator or any other staff member will witness that, the thread will be instantly locked and the user will be warned for their rules violation.

Do not double post

Double-posting refers to a user posting the same message, either on a thread or a profile, multiple times, or the user posted different messages right after posting the first message. You may use the 'edit' button if you want to add anything else to your original post, otherwise, a staff member will always try to merge all posts into one and the unnecessary posts will be removed.

No irrelevant postings
Pointless messages which are exclusively used to boost your messages count will be removed.

Use appropriate and suitable avatars
You may not use any inappropriate avatars. The full list of what is considered as inappropriate content is written in the general rules section above.

Post threads in corresponding sections

If you are found posting a content thread in an incorrect forum section, a staff member will move it to the corresponding one as soon as witnessed.

Identity theft

Creating fake accounts and acting as other people profiles is not allowed.


All general rules apply
The general rules stated above apply to our Discord server.

Use a sensible name
It's highly recommended to use a name which is easy identifying yourself (preferably your forum or Minecraft name).

No continuous channel switching
Please do not spam channel switching as it can bug not only the users who are located in those channels, but also the Discord server as a whole.

No inappropriate avatars
You may not have any inappropriate avatars. The full list of what is considered as inappropriate content is written in the general rules section above.

No soundboards
Do not use applications that produce high volume which may irritate or annoy someone

No Morse code
Keep it away as not everyone knows how Morse code works and it may disturb some users.

Regarding Staff channels
If you are not a member of our staff, you are not allowed to be located in any of the following channels without a staff member with you:

  • Sr.Staff channels
  • Staff channels
  • Meeting rooms
If you are found in one of these channels without a member of the staff with you, you will be moved out as soon as witnessed.


All general rules apply

Premium members must respect these rules as well. They will always be treated the same as any other user playing on our servers.

No abusing privileges
Donators shall never abuse their privileges, such as constantly joining a full server, thus forcing to kick a random regular player.

No chargebacks
Under no circumstances shall chargebacks be allowed, whether you have purchased a wrong package, been banned from using our services or simply do not want to use the purchase anymore, disputing the money you sent us is disallowed.

Web store terms & conditions apply

All the terms, rules and conditions listed on our web store before you confirm your purchase are enforced on our platforms as well.


Below is a list of client mods which you may use on our server. If a mod is not on this list, do not use it without checking with a staff member. You can suggest staff to be added to this list by posting a thread in the feedback forum.

  • Modloader
  • Forge Modloader
  • AntiSteve
  • Optifine
  • Show Durability
  • TooManyItems // NotEnoughItems
  • Better Animations/Better Horses etc. (Mods that improve aesthetics but not mechanics)
  • Any Minimap Mod that does not show entities
  • Shaders Mod
  • Better-Sprint Mod
  • Advanced HUD
  • Mob Dismemberment
  • MatMos Sounds Mod
  • Zoom Mod
  • TwitchTV Chat Mod
  • Toggle Sneak, Sprint Mod
  • MC Capes Mod
  • ItemPhysics Mod
  • Blocks3D Mod
  • 5zig Mod
  • Bspkrs Mod
You are also authorized to use Minecraft clients such as Badlion, Lunar, PvPLounge, Bat Mod, Cheatbreaker, Hyperium, and similar.

Disclaimer: The BackPlay staff team reserves the right to issue a punishment against any kind of offense considered inadequate, no matter if it is listed herein or not as we cannot track and write down every single malicious offense in this post. This list is subject to change and/or update at any time with the approval of the Administration.

- BackPlay Administration & @Absentis
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