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Nov 2, 2018

- All BackPlay rules apply.

- All Clan Battles must be played on BackPlay's Clan War servers.

- All decisions made by BackPlay Clan Staff members are final and must be respected by the players.

- Flame wars between clans is not allowed and a Moderator may be called to resolve the issue if it is to happen.

- All clan members must be respectful to other players on 3rd party platforms (Discord, Teamspeak, Skype, etc...).

- Clan names must be appropriate and unique (if not a Staff Member will ask you to change your clan name).

- All Clan Wars played on BackPlay is to be posted on each clans thread, regardless of it's a win or a loss. If a clan is found posting fake results on their thread your clan may be disbanded.

- If a clan would like to report another clan breaking a rule, they must send evidence of the broken rule to a BackPlay Staff member.

- If you are caught breaking any of these rules, you may be BLACKLISTED from playing Clan Wars or your clan may be disbanded.


- All BackPlay rules and general rules listed above apply.

- Before the battle starts both clans must agree on how many players are playing each round. Make sure that both teams have equal players.
(Example: 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, etc...).

- Each clan must take turns choosing maps, the same map cannot be played two rounds in a row.

- FnS is disabled by default, usage of a FnS during a round where it is disallowed will result in a round redo.
(If both clans agree before the round begins FnS can be used).

- To win a clan battle, all players on the opposite team must be eliminated.

- If a member of a clan is to disconnect, drop connection or crash it is as if they were eliminated from the match (unless it is a server-side issue which would result in multiple players dropping at the same time).

- Each clan are allowed to ask for a redo once per battle, if you would like to redo it must be said during pregame. Once the round starts the battle must be played.

- Each battle can only be postponed once, if a battle is postponed more than once it will be an automatic forfeit for the clan.

- If a clan member is caught breaking the rules, abusing a bug/issue, etc... , or they get banned during the round. It will result in an instant round disqualification.

- If an alternate account is to be used during a battle, the opposite team must be notified of who the player is and the account must also be listed on the thread before the battle begins.

- Usage of map items such as the Iron Leggings on Valleyside University, the Iron Chestplate and Leggings on Zone85 and other map items is not allowed. If a clan member is found taking these items it will result in a round redo.

- Usage of Experience bottles found on maps to enchant is not allowed and will result in a round redo, this includes fishing for levels and items found while fishing (if both clans agree before the battle begins to allow enchanting this rule does not apply).

- Trapping during grace period is not allowed and once called will result in a round disqualification.
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