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Aug 11, 2018
Greetings Tributes!

As some of you may have already heard, BackPlay has decided to host his own SG Clanwar tournament.

@lllibailll l brought us (@Keps , @Laaaky | Albert and @Roquazzz ) the opportunity to host the BackPlay League. Our goal in taking ownership of this tournament is to bring back the competitive vibes to the SG ClanWars community.

How are we going to do this?

It’s a little bit tricky to explain, but here it comes.

The BackPlay League and the BackPlay Tournament are CW Tournaments with the purpose to try and bring back the CWs there used to be a long time ago.

This is how it will be organized:

· The BackPlay League.

The BackPlay League is a Tournament that can give the chance for 4 clans to participate in the BackPlay Tournament. Matches will be First To 3 and every clan must play 2 CWs a week. The winner of every match gets 3 points and the loser gets 0 points. It's a one-way tournament, meaning that every clan must battle each other before the League finishes. 2 clans cannot battle each other more than once. Some people might complain the League might take a long time but it comes with a prize so we hope you can be patient. If there is a tie between Top 1 and Top 2 or Top 4 and Top 5, there will be a battle between those 2 or 4 clans that will be First to 5 to decide the position the clans get. In the end the 4 clans with more points win.
The top 4 clans of the BackPlay League automatically qualify for the BackPlay Tournament (which I will explain later).
[ 50€ ]

· The Qualifier.

The rest of the clans that didn't make it to top 4 in the BackPlay League move on to the Qualifier (a separate tournament where they can classify to the BackPlay Tournament). The purpose of the Qualifier is so that clans that didn't get the top 4 in the BackPlay League have the opportunity to play in the BackPlay Tournament. 24 Clans will participate in the Qualifier in 4 different brackets where there will be 1 winner in each bracket. Each bracket has 6 clans. The 4 winners of the brackets move on to the BackPlay Tournament.

· The BackPlay Tournament.

This is the important Tournament where the clans can win the prize pool (50€). To repeat - the top 4 from the BackPlay League and the 4 winners from the Qualifier go on and play the BackPlay Tournament.
The BackPlay Tournament is simple. The top 8 clans get put in a bracket, and the clan that wins that gets the 50€ prize pool.

If there are any doubts or anything you don't understand, just send me a message on discord (Roquazzz#9864) and I will answer all of your questions.
Have a good day and may the best clan win.

If you have any suggestion, let us know. We'd love to make this as good as we can.

Laaaky, Keps and Roquazzz​
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Sep 1, 2018
Finally something very competitive. Good job!

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