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Mar 15, 2019
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Backplay members,
as of today it marks the 2month Anniversary of #Amen, i started this clan with no aspirations or goals, weeks past with no avail and no members joining then CraftedPvPer, Chewitts, Draaqx, Talla, Nydlee, TacticalCat, Mxt, Jxrdxn and Stannny joined.

I remember one of our first clan wars, from being 4-0 down, we came back and won 5-4... Like we didn't even try and we will won, we aren't even a good clan, but no one could beat us, we practically ruled the server, It got to the point where the mods and admins were coming into my discord telling us that we have to disband as we were too toxic, but we never got disbanded as they never had enough evidence, we even had some mods come into the discord and accuse us of being racists... when they in fact were an anti white racist.

we had a few more clan wars and we just couldn't lose, no matter how hard we tried. after that the hate came in from the staff and the players, they were more concerned about what a "clan" was doing over the state of the server, and that's another reason why we want to disband. What are the staff doing? the server lags, bhoppers in most games hackers in FFA and yet they would rather spend their time creating an issue with us, yet we did nothing wrong.

So we want to give the rest of the clans a chance of winning so its best we disband now as there isn't any competition for us on this server. So, we did it we became the best, No one can touch us. We have more power than the mods lmao. Fix the servers and the shit staff. #Amen

Please take the time to watch our video about our experience on backplay:



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Aug 12, 2018
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Hi @Kiogra

You decided to disband the clan in the most incorrect way. Instead of communicating to us in a polite manner and trying to improve the community that you all critize you decided to make an unnecessary and mocking video revealing the main reason of our warns, toxicity.

I do really appreciate the activity of some of the clan members who actually tried to improve the server my giving advices and starting from the essential part, attitude. Instead of posting videos screaming they tried to get a better image of their clan.

As well as every Minecraft server, BackPlay has never forced players to play on it, the main purpose of a server is to create a place with different game styles so the community can enjoy it. If you do not enjoy it you can leave the server, as easy as that. Toxic competitiveness, hatred, egotism... is the result of taking a cube game seriously. I invite every user/moderator that do not enjoy the Network and do not want it to get better to leave it know.

On the other hand I invite you all to cooperate and work together so we can improve the server together.

I will now proceed to close the post.

Have a nice day,

BackPlay Staff Team
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