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Feb 15, 2019
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a /fix or /gf command - When people ghost/are ghosting, a /fix commands would help prevent the ghosting (Im not sure how it works exactly but that would be nice)
/info - This command is useful when you want to find out information about the map you are playing (the name of the map, who built it, link to download the map if the creator is okay with it)
More chat colors for donors - I really miss seeing red text ;-; feelsbadman
/ignore would be a really nice feature - I know a lot of people that don't like certain people due to supposed "trash talk" so if there was a /ignore feature in place, its nice to not see messages from people you don't want to recieve messages from!
Please allow players to rod themselves, really helps if they are ever stuck in a hole!

Also these aren't really suggestions but more overall bugs that need fixing: Most (if not all of them) you are probably already aware of:

You can place flint and steel on pretty much anything eg: lillypads, slabs, glass, glowstone, iron bars etc
If you place a flint and steel ontop of the "tallgrass blocks" and break the block, the fire still remains but is invisible and can not be removed since there is no block.
Breeze Island chests are only tier 1s.
A tier 2 chest was removed from a tree for no reason on Avaricia? (NORTH ROUTE)
Solar Frost melts due to glowstone and lava.
When a person claims a bounty, the chat message says "person that died has claimed the bounty" and not "person who got the kill has claimed the bounty."
To message someone without tabbing their IGN, you have to correctly capitalise every letter or the message will not go through. This is the same when reporting someone.
/r does not respond to the last person who messaged you. It responds to the last person you messaged.
Fist glitch is still a thing - pls fix :c
also points are very broken

biggest issue i how badly some sg lobbys lag

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