White Infinite Pack (Edited by Kaution)

16x White Infinite Pack (Edited by Kaution) 1.7 or 1.8

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I have gotten a lot of decent comments about it back in the day and its just something that brings me back to the good ol days I still remember making it all the way back to about 3 years ago I was bored as I said in the brief description and just wanted to make a nice simplistic edit of the infinite pack from Fin I then decided why not try and share this pack with some people on the server to see if I can add one other commonly used resource pack to their folders. The pack as of now has 2376 downloads currently as I am writing this either way I hope you guys enjoy! (It's nothing too great tho FYI)

-Link to my friends pack review with this pack is in the description if you wanna review it before downloading.
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