Official Moderator applications are open!

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Hello dear tributes! Today, our administration team has decided to do an update regarding the moderator applications, From now on, our apps will be opened to the public, but now, you'll need to apply via email.
You just need to send us a mail and fill the format that will be at the end of this text, once you've sent your application, our admin team will check it out. In case you get accepted, you'll be contacted via Discord.


  • Age restriction, only people above 14 years old.
  • Make sure to shoot for between 700-1200 words.
  • Don't write multiple applications.
  • Don’t ask to check your application.
  • Applications should be sent to [email protected]


Your name:

Your Minecraft username:

Your age:

Where are you located?:

Can you provide your discord tag?:

Do you have any bans on our servers? (If so, explain. If you...

Official New maps

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Hi tributes!

I'm glad to announce that we will be adding maps really soon, and I want to know which ones do you want to see sooner.

Here you have a Strawpoll to vote:

If there is any other map you would like to see, or even publish your own creations(here), feel free to let us know.

Official We are back!

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Hello tributes!

I'm glad to announce that tomorrow at 16:00 CET we're gonna release the server.

Thank you, have a nice day!

Official Forums registration enabled

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Hi there,

Today I'm announcing that the registration at the forums is enabled so you can post your ideas, send us your feedback, start creating the SG clans or apply for the VIP/Staff ranks.

Official Opening

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We are opening soon, I will keep you informed!

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