Official Website changes

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Hello dear tributes!

As you can read in the title, the website has been under heavy modifications.

Here you have the changelog:

  • Sidebar is no longer kept while scrolling.
  • New badges.

  • Minecraft account linking (only for staff right now).
  • Verified profiles for staff and VIPs.
  • Redesigned sidebar.
  • New icons almost everywhere.
  • Working to add achievements.
  • A new place to share resources such as resource/texture packs!

Official New web design!

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Hello dear tributes!

You may have noticed that we have changed the forums appearance either because you are reading this with the new style or due to the title.
From now on, you will have access to dark theme (default one) and a light version.

I hope you like it!

Official NA release date

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The countdown has begun!


Official Welcome, OldTimes players!

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Hi dear tributes!

I want to let you all know that OldTimes network is now part of the BackPlay network, and what implications does this have.

OldTimes is a UHC-based network, this means that BackPlay will start hosting UHCs in a week or two max.
Also, OldTimes is from NA, and yes, this means that the BackPlay NA proxy is going to release in less than a week, but as mentioned above, hosting UHCs might start a bit later.

We are so excited to bring you the UHC gamemode and the NA proxy that you asked for a long time!

I usually post news here:

If you join with the IP you will join BackPlay's EU proxy.

With love,

Official The big update

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Hi tributes!

As you probably know, a big update was released some time ago, and the only info you had was the devblog, so let's explain how everything works!

First of all, a few new gameodes were realeased: SGUHC, ClanWars and Duels.

SGUHC mixes both SG and UHC.
You will play with another 23 tributes in the regular SG maps. However, you will notice that the chests have changed and that you can build/break blocks.
Also, you will get 6 XP levels for each kill!

Tier 1 chest items:
  • Fishing rod
  • Iron sword
  • Bow
  • Arrows
  • Feather
  • Enchanting bottle
  • Anvil
  • Iron armor
  • Chainmall on armor
  • Iron axe
  • Golden apple
  • Cobblestone
  • Wooden plank
  • Leaves
  • Water bucket
  • Lava bucket
  • FNS
  • Iron pickaxe
  • Iron Ingot
  • Gold Ingot
  • Diamond sword
  • Diamond
  • Steak
  • Golden carrot
  • Baked potato
  • Unbreaking I enchanted book...

Official How is SG ranking calculated?

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Hello dear tributes!

This is a question that I have heard a lot of times, so I am here to explain how it works.

First of all, all wins, kills and deaths are taken in count to calculate the ranking.
This works as a points system, so more points mean better ranking.

The formula:
points = wins * 20 + kills * 3

Official The brand new FFA it's ready!

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Hello dear tributes!

I am glad to announce that our brand new FFA it's ready to be played.
Adding this gamemode means that you will have to say goodbye to BattleGrounds.

Let me explain how FFA works:

You spawn in the floating platform and you are given the kit.
You can change the hotbar items order up in the spawn so it gets saved.
For each kill, you get a golden apple and full regen. Also, if you already used the Flint and Steel, you get a new one.

That's it. Quite simple, right?

FFA will be added tomorrow, December 29.

They are coming any time soon, I am testing and fixing the last bugs that were found during beta tests.

Official Clanwars and FFA are coming!

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Hi dear tributes!

Today I have some great news for you all.

As you may probably know, I have been working on a Clanwars system so everything is automated and recently also started working on FFA which will replace BattleGrounds.

Well, both are finished and this weekend I will be hosting a beta test in order to fix all the posible bugs.

The beta test will have two phases:
  1. Private beta: Only for staff, donors and some whitelisted players (more about how to get whitelisted below).
  2. Open beta: Once the private beta is done, a public beta will be hosted so everyone can test our new gamemodes!
The public beta will be a bit later than the private one, so the bugs found on the private one can be fixed before opening the second beta.


Both beta tests will be streamed at my twitch channel so if you are not whitelisted or you...

Official Christmas!

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Hi dear tributes!

Christmas update is here!
Join and check the new hub made by @DragonRules!
A sale of 70% is now available on the store!

New features are coming soon!

Official About the downtimes...

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Hi dear tributes!

As you may know BackPlay has been a target of a bunch of DDoS attacks for the last 3 days.
We have added new servers and more DDoS protection to guarantee a better uptime.

I apologize.

Official About all the blacklisted players

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Hi tributes!

Recently one of our moderators banned a ton of players for "BLACKLIST". All the bans have been removed and you should be able to join!

We are sorry about what happened.

Official Suggestions for gamemodes

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Hello dear tributes!

We have been online for a while, and some people suggested adding new gamemodes, while others suggested to just have SG.
I have made a poll where you can vote if you would like to see new gamemodes such as duels(arena pvp), SkyWars or UHC.
Please, note that the new gamemodes won't be instantly available, they are more looking to the future than to the present.

I will be pleased to hear your feedback about this! You can use our Discord server: or just use the Suggestions forum.

Please note that this doesn't mean that all the gamemodes listed in the poll will be added. They are just examples.

Have a nice day!

Official Diamond rank giveaway

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Hi dear tributes!

Yes, it's true! You can get a free Diamond rank!

How to get it? Well, it's pretty easy. You have to find 3 heads with a sign in the hub: lllibailll(@lllibailll), Ferao(@Ferao) and Laaaky(@Laaaky | Albert).
Each head has a sign with the name of the staff member.

Take screenshot of all 3 heads, tag us on twitter ( and use the hashtag #backplay4life.

A winner will be picked in 7 days.

Good luck to everyone!

Official ClanWars preview 1

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Hi tributes! ClanWars system is on the final stage and I want to show you a preview of how will it work to create a clanwar.
Here you have the video:
It will be available soon for everyone!
Official Halloween is here!
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Hello tributes!

You probably know that Halloween is here, and at BackPlay we have made a few changes.

First of all, you will notice that the Hub and waiting lobby have changed.

We have added something to the Hub... Those small pumpkins...
Yes! If you find all the small pumpkins (40 in total) and click all of them, you will be provided a code. With that code you need to contact and Admin or me, and you will get a free 1 month Iron rank!

Of couse, the Halloween sale as been enabled at the store! 65% OFF until 4th of November!

Also, you can check the Devblog here!


Official Moderator applications

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Hello tributes!

Today, our administration team has decided to do a big important update regarding the moderator applications. As you may know the server is growing fast and we need to ensure our staff team follow the requirements we are looking for.

  • Age restriction, only people above 14 years old.
  • Make sure to shoot for between 700-1200 words.
  • Don't write multiple applications.
  • Don’t ask to check your application.
  • Applications should be post here


Your name:

Your Minecraft username:

Your age:

Where are you located?:

Can you provide your discord tag?:

Do you have any bans on our servers? (If so, explain. If you have had a successful ban dispute, please provide a link):

Past administration or moderation experiences:

Why do you want to acquire the rank?

Why do you believe you are...

Official New maps!

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Hi tributes!

We are always looking to add new maps, and today, I am pleased to announce that we have added 3 new maps and they will be available to everyone tomorrow October 8th.

Remember that if you want a map added, post it here.

SG: Carpatians by _YouOweMe_


The Forgotten Times by ycleped



Vanitas by kikzo


Official Imaginaerum map

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Hello tributes!

We have a new map: Imaginaerum by WHEREDRAG0NRULES



Official Clans system is being done!

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Hi tributes!

As you might know, I am working to release a fully automated clans system that will make super easy to create clanwars!
It will be available soon.

Something you will probably be asking: Is this going to be avaiable only for Donors? No, it won't! Will be available to everyone!

Here you have some screenshots:

Official Battlegrounds!

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Hello tributes, Battlegrounds is finally here!
It's going to be enabled when the patch is deployed tomorrow.


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