Official Kill messages are now available

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Hello dear tributes,

Kill messages are finally available for everyone at our

Regarding the last giveaway, if for some reason you have missed the winner announcement at our
Discord server, it was @Doruk with "<player name> got kebab'd by <player name>".

See you around!

Official Kill message cosmetic giveaway

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Hello dear tributes,

We wanted to thank you for all of the positive feedback and the many suggestions received in regard to in-game tags which is why we are including your ideas for our next cosmetic: custom kill messages. These kill messages will be available in the near future at
our shop but first, we need YOUR help.

We will be hosting a GIVEAWAY for one free kill message from 17/01/2021 until 24/01/2021.

Once the submissions window closes, the staff team will select 2 submissions to move onto the final stage. We will then run a poll where you can vote for the winner. The winner will receive their kill-message as their prize. Interested? Please read the info below!


- All Backplay rules apply, you can find them...

Official NA release

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Hello dear tributes,

Yes, you read it right, we are opening NA! Now, your next question is probably when, and luckily for you, I have an answer! It will be released to the public on 16/05/2020 at 19:00 UTC. (You can use to convert the time).

NA will have the exact same game modes that EU has right now, and we will release all the updates on both regions at the same time. I can say that the next feature update will add the practice servers!
It's also worth mentioning that the NA release will start a new SG season, and that means resetting all stats.

Ranks are for both regions, so if you have donor rank on EU, you will have it on NA too!

See you all soon!

Official PvP improvements

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Hello dear tributes,

We said that the knockback was still being worked on, and we have worked on our new knockback settings for you all to enjoy!
We have improved the knockback and made hit registration better since some players had problems with hits. This does not mean that this kb will be final, we want more feedback, and based on that we will decide if we stay with this one, or if it needs further changes.

I'd like to thank our staff team and the players that helped us improve both pvp aspects, and specially to @Jacko, @Hakodate, @Droug and Gae.

Official Tiering changes 2.0

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Hello dear tributes,

Based on the feedback we got from the last patch about the SG tiering, we have made some adjustments to it:

  • Lowered diamonds and iron ingots.
  • Increased rods.
  • Adjusted armor, weapons and food.

Official Patch notes #1

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Patch notes #1

Hello dear tributes,

We have been working on a big update, and we are ready to publish it.

  • Minor KB adjustments.
  • You now don't lose points when you die.
  • Fixed some players getting kicked from the whole network.
  • Fixed silent join and disguise issues.
  • Fixed /msg and /r with disguised players.
  • Fixed /ignore not working as expected.
  • Removed GodSG and UHCSG.
  • Added more bugs to fix later.
  • There is a chance you rushed the update to check if we added NA or practice. Don't worry, we are working on both and are the top priorities with this update published!

Official Knockback changes

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Hello dear tributes,

We are going to change the knockback one more time and we need your help! This time we are going to collect everyone's thoughts and will adjust it according to an overall.
Changes will be applied in 3 days and if you want to participate, just click here.

Official Stats page is back!

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Hello dear tributes,

Good news, the stats web it's finally back!
You can view the top 100 players or search a name for both SG and FFA stats!

In case you don't know how ranking is calculated, you have a post here:

Official BackPlay Season 2 - Official Trailer

Official Tic, tac, tic, tac. #BackPlaySeason2

Official New ranks

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Hello dear tributes,

As you may have noticed, the new theme of the BackPlay network is space and due to this, the ranks system is being changed to fit the new theme.

Default will be changed to gray.
Iron rank will be removed and replaced by Discord Nitro rank.
Gold will be changed to Star.
Diamond will be changed to Nova.
Platinum will be changed to Pulsar.
Quantum will be changed to Galaxy.
VIP will be changed to VIP.

Official BackPlay's reopening

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Hello dear tributes,

We are working very hard to bring you the best SG experience yet and I am glad to announce that we are coming back better than ever before. There are a lot of changes, and we will be sharing some sneak peeks until we reopen. You will notice that the stats and shop pages are not open, and they will stay closed until the reopening.

When are we reopening? Well, we haven't fixed a date yet, but we expect to be open to everyone by late February.

We will need new staff, so feel free to apply using this template.
It is worth mentioning that we will be giving an in-game rank to those who boost our Discord server.

See you all soon! #BackPlay2020

Official FFA Update

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Hello dear tributes,

I am glad to announce that our FFA has been updated!
Less lag and a new map!

FFA Updates - 09/8/2019 (Info by @Hxzx)

Implemented FFA Maps

Cliff Chaos - Levah & Ondre


Explanation of Cliff Chaos
Cliff Chaos is a new FFA map based on the theme of a Jungle with steep terrain resulting in very intense PVP throughout the whole map. Within this map you'll notice we have a twist to make things a little more interesting, this includes Tier 1 & Tier 2 pressure pads.

Tier 1 Pads - These pads are the most common to find on Cliff Chaos, allowing the player to gain either ONE positive or negative effect.
Tier 2 Pads - There is only one tier 2 pad on Cliff Chaos and it's located beneath spawn. The difference is that this pad will give the player TWO positive effects.

Tier 1 Effects will last 10 seconds
Tier 2 Effects...

Official New gamemodes!

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Hello dear tributes.

Today we are happy to announce some new gamemodes! Some of them were requested by you, and others are brand new.
You will be able to play SoloSG, GodSG and UHCSG tomorrow!


This gamemode has been asked to be added a lot of times. We used to have it, but it didn't receive the amount of players we were expecting. Today, I am happy to say that it's back!
How it works:
  • No teams.
  • Everyone is automatically disguised.
  • Chat is disabled.
  • Real name is revealed when a tribute dies.
  • Separated stats.
  • Bounty is disabled.
  • Sponsor is disabled.

When Marvel's Avengers: Endgame was released, we did a special event. Those who played it asked to be added as a permanent gamemode, so here you go! However, please note that we have made some changes to it. As you will see, this is a difficult gamemode to play alone, and all the match has to play together if they want to win.
How it works...

Official Our story

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Hello tributes,

After a long time thinking about it, we have finally made a trailer for our YouTube channel.
The trailer also comes with a surprise! Check the description of the video to participate in the biggest giveaway we have ever made!

Go and check it out!

Official Decreasing the waiting time.

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We are looking into decreasing from 30 to 15 seconds the waiting time when players get teleported to the map.
What should we do?

Official BackPlay status update

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Hello dear tributes!

It has been a long time since I last posted here, and I think it's time to explain some changes.

First of all, from now on, updates won't be super epic and big. Instead, I will be doing smaller updates that will make the deployment process faster and you will get new features and bug fixes faster.

Regarding maps, I am working with @Albert to bring new maps and making the process easier so maps can be added when accepted on forums. In addition we have heard your feedback and we are working to fix some lag problems in maps such as Zone 85 and Highway, tiering problems in Breeze Island and Solar Frost being unplayable.

We have also got feedback regarding hit register and knockback and we are working to improve and bring you the best experience possible.

It's also important to mention that we are working on a brand new anti cheat.

See you soon <3

Investigating % votes

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So, this has been suggested a lot of times, do you think we should add it?

Official Maps cleanup

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Hello dear tributes!

As we are going to add some new maps, I'd like to know which maps you think should be removed.
Reply to this thread with the map(s).

Here you have the full list:
  • Abyss
  • SG Adrenaline
  • Alaskan Village
  • Avaricia
  • Breeze Island
  • Chernobyl 2015
  • Demon's Breeze
  • Estyr
  • Forestside
  • Green Grass
  • HighfieldEstate
  • Holiday Resort
  • Holiday Resort 2
  • Icarus Fallen
  • Imaginaerum
  • Kharmunrah
  • Last Zone
  • Lobby Games
  • Modernity Park
  • Survival Games 4
  • Oz
  • Zone 85 Revamped
  • Pompeii
  • Section Six
  • SG Carpatians
  • SG Highway
  • Shady Hollow
  • Solar Frost
  • Par 72
  • Teweran Survival Games 1
  • Teweran Survival Games 2
  • The Lost Zoo
  • The Quarry
  • Turbulence
  • Valleyside University
  • Vanitas
  • Moonbase 9

Official New stats webpage!

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Hello dear tributes!

Yes, finally! I have just deployed a new stats webpage!

  • Follows the main forums style.
  • SG stats.
  • FFA stats.
  • UHCSG stats.
  • EU and NA stats.

Hope you like it :)

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